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Thief Hires Limousine for Getaway Vehicle

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 11, 2012

A New Hampshire man was recently indicted on charges of burglary and grand larceny after he allegedly stole cash from the motel where he was living and hired a limousine as a getaway car. The 27-year-old Concord, N.H. man was apprehended in a nearby town after allegedly taking a lockbox containing between $2,000 and $3,000 from the office of the Shore Lodge in Onley on Oct. 7. Arresting officers also found that he was in possession of a six-pack of Corona beer with one of the bottles mostly empty. The allegedly stolen cash was stuffed in the six-pack carton along with the remaining bottles of beer.

The Onley Police Department was alerted after the motel manager discovered that someone had broken into the office and taken the lockbox. The manager and motel employees told police that they thought the suspect’s room would be a good place to begin their investigation. When police entered the suspect’s motel room, they found the empty lockbox but few other clues as to where he might have fled with the money. Later that evening, police received a tip that the suspect had been seen near a local convenience store. Shortly thereafter, they received another call saying that the suspect had been seen getting into a white limousine that stopped briefly at the convenience store before heading south on U.S. Route 13.

Olney police alerted other police departments along the suspect’s likely escape route. The limo was stopped, and the suspect apprehended in a short period of time. The suspect tried to use an alias during his arrest but provided his real name during the arrest interview. Police found that the suspect has quite a criminal record, including convictions for being a habitual offender, credit card fraud, a protective order violation, reckless conduct, driving after license revocation, unauthorized use of rented property, resisting arrest, breach of bail and other charges.

This thief may be a thoroughly unsavory character and a criminal, but he does have a sense of style. If you and your family and friends are planning an adventure and need a Bay Area limousine for your own limo getaway vehicle, we can definitely help, provided you’re getting away from everyday responsibilities and your sense of style does not include larceny, of course! All of our San Francisco limousines, party buses and other luxury vehicles are available at very affordable rates and can be stocked with your choice of beer and other refreshing beverages. If you’re thinking about making your own getaway with a group of friends or perhaps an intimate group of two, just give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936.

Governor Brown Signs Party Bus Bill Into Law

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 1, 2012

We have blogged quite a bit over the last several months about a proposed law that would toughen regulations and penalties for allowing underage drinking on party buses. The “party bus” law would close existing loopholes in California law that apply to alcohol consumption in limousines and other types of transportation and make it illegal for minors to drink alcohol while on board party buses. After debate in the State Assembly and Senate, Assembly Bill 45 passed both houses of the legislature and was recently signed into law by Governor Brown.

You may remember that the bill was introduced by Assemblyman Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) after a couple of tragic and irresponsible accidents involving excessive alcohol consumption aboard party buses. Beginning Jan.1, 2013, party buses carrying minors will be required to have a chaperone on board to ensure no underage drinking occurs. If minors do consume alcohol while riding in a party bus, chaperones could face criminal charges. Chauffeurs and party bus rental services can also get into trouble if minors drink on board party buses. Chauffeurs with three such violations could face misdemeanor charges, and party bus operators would face fines up to $2,000 for the first two offenses and have their licenses revoked for three or more violations.

The two fatal accidents prompted Assemblyman Hill to introduce this legislation.

"These incidents caused me to say, why could these things be happening?" Hill explained recently to reporters. "When these tragedies occurred a couple of years ago, what this new legislation hoped to do was to close that loophole and provide the same restrictions on buses as it does to limousines."

Many bar owners in San Francisco have banned party buses from their establishments after growing tired of party buses dropping off drunken riders at their businesses.

"Most clubs I know say ‘no’ to party buses," Steven Lee, owner of The Grand nightclub and member of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission. "People do all their drinking on the buses and it’s not a benefit to the club. We have to deal with all the security and all the hassle without any of the benefit."

As we have stated many times before, the new law won’t change our policies on underage drinking or rowdy behavior on our Bay Area limos, party buses, limo buses, luxury coaches and other types of transportation. The safety of our guests has always been and always will be our primary consideration, and we do not tolerate any illegal or reckless behavior. Our other consideration is that each of our guests has a fun, comfortable, memorable and affordable limo experience! If we sound like your idea of a professional and responsible San Francisco party bus service, call us at NLS Limo today at 800-339-8936 to reserve one for your next special occasion.

Why Our Guests Prefer Our San Francisco Limousine Service

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 26, 2011

Here at NLS Limo, we like to think that our little corner of the business world is too special and far too cool to be pigeonholed into one industry. Since we rent Bay Area limousines, party buses, corporate sedans, antique vehicles, luxury coaches and many other types of vehicles, it’s fair to say that we’re in the automobile business. Since nearly all of these vehicles feature luxury amenities such as wet bars, flat-screen TVs, superb sound systems, mood lighting, moon roofs and other sumptuous accents, you could say that we are in the entertainment business as well. Indeed, our business model straddles several different niches. The one that brings us the most joy and satisfaction and the one that we believe is the key to our success is our focus on being the very best in the hospitality business.

It is our privilege and our pleasure to be ambassadors of the Bay Area to our many clients who visit from other cities and countries and rely on us as their San Francisco limo provider. It is also very gratifying that so many Bay Area residents choose us again and again to help them celebrate the special events in their lives. What are some of the other reasons why so many guests rent luxury vehicles from us? We’re not big on scientific analyses around here, but we believe it has a great deal to do with the following:

  • Superb customer service
    Bottom line: it is our job to ensure that each one of our guests has a wonderful time while riding in our vehicles, and we go above and beyond to ensure that this happens each and every time. In the very unusual event that something is not right or there is an unexpected delay, we make it right and pursue every opportunity to ensure that each guest is satisfied. We’re not perfect, but it’s not for lack of trying!
  • Attention to detail
    Our guests know that they are not the first to ride in one of our San Francisco limos, party buses or other luxury vehicles, but we do our very best to make it appear to be the case! Our detail team takes a great deal of pride in their work and won’t release a vehicle for service until all evidence of the previous guest is gone.
  • Affordability
    Now more than ever, we understand that our guests have limited means and that many have been saving for months for their special occasion. Instead of offering the lowest possible rate and nickel-and-diming our guests on additional charges, we look for ways to offer the best experience at the most affordable rate that includes nearly all the amenities and perks that a limo guest deserves.

There may be other reasons why our guests rely on us again and again for all their San Francisco luxury ground transportation needs, and if you have something to add to this list, we’d love to hear from you! We welcome any and all comments, questions and criticism as we feel that in the end, it makes us a better limo service and one that is better able to anticipate the needs of its guests. To let us know what you think and/or to reserve a Bay Area limo for an upcoming occasion, please give us a call at 1-800-339-8936! Thanks again for making NLS Limo your preferred San Francisco limousine service!

Soccer Fans Trash Party Bus After Match

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 14, 2011

A group of fans from a rival team attacked a party bus transporting a group of English soccer fans recently after an important tournament. The party bus was carrying a group of fans of the Manchester City soccer club after their FA Cup semifinal match with archrival Manchester United when it needed to stop for gas. While the driver was filling up the tank, a rowdy group of United fans surrounded the vehicle and began throwing bottles of antifreeze from an outside display nearby. They then began kicking the party bus, smashing the windshield and kicking in the side panels where luggage is often stored.

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Reward Outstanding Students With a San Francisco Limousine Experience!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 16, 2010

One of our recent blog posts about a troubled teenager who had turned his life around, began excelling in his studies and was rewarded with a limo ride and shopping spree got us thinking. What an excellent idea! Few experiences can top a ride in a limousine for sheer coolness and fun, so we thought we should promote the idea to Bay Area schools that are looking for some outside-the-box thinking to motivate and reward students. Why is renting a limo for outstanding students effective? Let us count the ways:

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Mercedes Limousine Once Owned by Elvis Presley Sold in U.K.

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 4, 2010

A Mercedes-Benz limo once owned by the King of Rock and Roll sold recently in England for much less than the seller expected. Elvis Presley’s powder-blue 1970 Mercedes 600 Saloon Limousine sold for £80,700 or around U.S. $127,522. This Mercedes limo was one of two 600-class limousines Elvis owned and one of only a few that he had registered in his name. The limo sold in an auto auction organized by Bonhams at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey.

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Looking for an Excuse to Get Together With Your Girlfriends? Rent a San Francisco Limo and Go on a Shopping Trip!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 18, 2010

Everyone is so busy these days that it is very difficult to get all your girlfriends together in one place unless someone is getting married or another important event is happening. Besides, weddings and other important events mean uncomfortable shoes and clothes and social protocols to observe. Sometimes, you just want to get together and let loose. So, instead of waiting for that to happen, make it happen by renting a Bay Area limo and organizing a shopping trip! Why do you need a limo to make this happen? Let us count the ways:

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Rent a Limo With Friends and Co-Workers This Holiday Party Season for Safe, Affordable Fun

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 8, 2010

While friends, families and employers are busy planning their upcoming holiday parties, you can do some planning of your own by renting a San Francisco limo to get you and yours from one party to the next. Everyone wants to have a good time at parties, but some of us tend to have too much fun and regret reaching for that last drink or two. You don’t have to rent a limo to get around during the holiday party season. There are plenty of cabs in the area. However, if you’ve ridden around in one recently, you know they are anything but comfortable and that cleanliness isn’t a priority. In addition, you can ride in a cramped, funky cab anytime. Since it’s the holidays, why not add some fun to the events? Why should you rent a limo from us this coming holiday season? Here are a few good reasons:

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Do You Need a Limo Outside the Bay Area? Call NLS Limo and Have Us Make All the Arrangements!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on September 19, 2010

Even our oldest and most familiar customers often overlook the fact that the NLS in NLS Limo stands for “Nationwide Limousine Service.” Although we are primarily a Bay Area limo service, we have professional contacts throughout the country and frequently accommodate our clients by helping them make limo reservations with affiliated limousine services in other markets. This is one of the many services that we provide for our clients, and our business customers traveling to other cities on business trips especially appreciate it.

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Rent a San Francisco Limousine and Enjoy a Picnic on Ocean Beach

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 13, 2010

The cool breezes and fog rolling in from the Pacific discourage many visitors to Ocean Beach most of the year. However, for some, these are endearing qualities rather than reasons to stay away. Ocean Beach is one of San Francisco’s best-kept secrets. If you’re a landlubber with warm clothes who is yearning to breathe in the fresh sea air, pack a picnic lunch, rent one of our Bay Area limos and enjoy a picnic on Ocean Beach! The bracing air deters most visitors, which is why this is a perfect location for a romantic picnic or a weekday getaway or both! Here is a checklist for enjoying a day or an evening at Ocean Beach:

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