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Rent a Limo With Friends and Co-Workers This Holiday Party Season for Safe, Affordable Fun

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 8, 2010

While friends, families and employers are busy planning their upcoming holiday parties, you can do some planning of your own by renting a San Francisco limo to get you and yours from one party to the next. Everyone wants to have a good time at parties, but some of us tend to have too much fun and regret reaching for that last drink or two. You don’t have to rent a limo to get around during the holiday party season. There are plenty of cabs in the area. However, if you’ve ridden around in one recently, you know they are anything but comfortable and that cleanliness isn’t a priority. In addition, you can ride in a cramped, funky cab anytime. Since it’s the holidays, why not add some fun to the events? Why should you rent a limo from us this coming holiday season? Here are a few good reasons:

•    Three letters: DUI
Holiday parties are about eating good food and drinking your favorite adult beverages, but we all know that some of us have an easier time knowing when to say when than others do. Your chauffeur is the ultimate designated driver, and, if you rent a limo, nobody has to worry about being pulled over on the way home.

•    Affordability
Whether you split the cost between friends and family members or treat for everyone, renting a limo is a very affordable way to get around. After you add up cab fares, parking fees, parking tickets, gas and other costs, driving yourself doesn’t save much money, and there’s no substitute for being dropped off right at the door!

•    Comfort
Where to begin? Our limos have state-of-the-art audio/video systems, plush, comfortable seating, wet bars, tinted windows for privacy and plenty of room for maxing and relaxing. The list goes on and on…

•    Set a festive mood
We excel at accommodating our guests, and, if you want to make the season a bit merrier by having us add Christmas decorations, New Year’s party favors, colored lights, presents for your friends or any other decorating ideas, just ask. If it’s legal, we’ll make it happen!

If we can help your holiday season be safe, fun and more festive, please call NLS Limo at 1-800-339-8936 to reserve your Bay Area limousine. The most popular nights are filling up fast, so call us today to reserve your limo of choice on the night(s) you need it. Rent one or more of our fabulous limos, and find out for yourself why we have become San Francisco’s premier limousine service!

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