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Governor Brown Signs Party Bus Bill Into Law

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 1, 2012

We have blogged quite a bit over the last several months about a proposed law that would toughen regulations and penalties for allowing underage drinking on party buses. The “party bus” law would close existing loopholes in California law that apply to alcohol consumption in limousines and other types of transportation and make it illegal for minors to drink alcohol while on board party buses. After debate in the State Assembly and Senate, Assembly Bill 45 passed both houses of the legislature and was recently signed into law by Governor Brown.

You may remember that the bill was introduced by Assemblyman Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) after a couple of tragic and irresponsible accidents involving excessive alcohol consumption aboard party buses. Beginning Jan.1, 2013, party buses carrying minors will be required to have a chaperone on board to ensure no underage drinking occurs. If minors do consume alcohol while riding in a party bus, chaperones could face criminal charges. Chauffeurs and party bus rental services can also get into trouble if minors drink on board party buses. Chauffeurs with three such violations could face misdemeanor charges, and party bus operators would face fines up to $2,000 for the first two offenses and have their licenses revoked for three or more violations.

The two fatal accidents prompted Assemblyman Hill to introduce this legislation.

"These incidents caused me to say, why could these things be happening?" Hill explained recently to reporters. "When these tragedies occurred a couple of years ago, what this new legislation hoped to do was to close that loophole and provide the same restrictions on buses as it does to limousines."

Many bar owners in San Francisco have banned party buses from their establishments after growing tired of party buses dropping off drunken riders at their businesses.

"Most clubs I know say ‘no’ to party buses," Steven Lee, owner of The Grand nightclub and member of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission. "People do all their drinking on the buses and it’s not a benefit to the club. We have to deal with all the security and all the hassle without any of the benefit."

As we have stated many times before, the new law won’t change our policies on underage drinking or rowdy behavior on our Bay Area limos, party buses, limo buses, luxury coaches and other types of transportation. The safety of our guests has always been and always will be our primary consideration, and we do not tolerate any illegal or reckless behavior. Our other consideration is that each of our guests has a fun, comfortable, memorable and affordable limo experience! If we sound like your idea of a professional and responsible San Francisco party bus service, call us at NLS Limo today at 800-339-8936 to reserve one for your next special occasion.

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