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Exciting Holiday Destinations Around the San Francisco Bay Area

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 6, 2022

Are you or your partner getting a little bored or tired of the routine Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas hosting duties? If so, take some time-consuming tasks and tedious chores off each other’s holiday-planning plate this year by booking a luxury stretch limo, charter bus, or classic car rental from Nationwide Limousine Service!

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Visit San Francisco’s de Young Museum for Art’s Sake!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 2, 2014

Ars gratia artis. L’art grace a l’art. Art for art’s sake. No matter what your first language may be, this enduring quotation captures the elusive nature and (somewhat) unquantifiable value of art in our lives very well. If you love artistic expression in some or all of its forms, it’s likely that you already know about the de Young, as it is one of the best art museums in the world and one of the most visited. Located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the de Young is one of several San Francisco art museums that draw and delight visitors from all over the world each year.

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Rent a San Francisco Charter Bus for the Best in Affordable Group Transportation

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on April 25, 2013

If you’re planning a trip this summer with a larger group of people and want to minimize the expense and maximize the fun, reserve our Bay Area bus charter service for your trip and enjoy the best in comfortable and affordable group transportation!

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Rely On NLS Limo for Reliable, Comfortable and Affordable Bay Area Wedding Limousines

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 11, 2013

It may be January, but the traditional wedding season is just around the corner, and that means flowers, invitations, dresses and tuxes, endless details and Bay Area wedding limousine reservations. If you’re planning a wedding in the San Francisco area and need a wedding limo to transport you and your beloved to the ceremony, reception and all other destinations, call us today at 1-800-339-8936. No other Bay Area limousine service offers a better selection of limos, party buses, luxury coaches, vintage cars and other vehicles at better rates to make your wedding day extra special.

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New Prevost Energy Management System Signals Better Fuel Economy for Tour Buses

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 8, 2013

Tour bus manufacturer Prevost recently announced that their new PRIME (Power Recovery by Intelligent Management of Energy) energy management system will improve fuel economy by at least two percent and potentially much more, depending on model, terrain and passenger load. This is good news for the San Francisco tour bus rental side of our business, as well as our clients, as it will eventually help lower fuel costs. Not many people know that we rent Bay Area tour buses in addition to our San Francisco limousines and other luxury vehicles. However, we regard these larger vehicles as an essential part of accommodating our guests’ luxury transportation needs.

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Bus Delays Anger Delegates at Republican Convention

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 1, 2012

Organizers of this month’s Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay received withering criticism from delegates and other attendees after numerous bus delays kept them from getting to and from area hotels. In an effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety around the convention site, delegates were supposed to ride buses from Tampa Bay Times Forum to nearby Raymond James Stadium, where another fleet of buses would take them to their hotels. However, communication and technical glitches combined to make one evening of the convention a nightmare for delegates, many of whom were unable to get back to their hotels until 3 a.m. the following morning.

One of the delegates was John Zajicek from Illinois, who was eager to get back to his hotel room for some rest and relaxation when he left the Forum at 11 p.m. after an evening of speeches and festivities. He and others arrived at the bus staging area, but there were no buses waiting to transport them.

"Nobody knew where they were going to catch the bus," said Zajicek. "You would ask one person one thing and go that way, and then somebody else would tell you to go the other way. There were no signs. Nothing. It took a half-hour just to get to the bus."

The Republican National Committee had reserved more than 400 buses to ferry delegates to more than 100 hotels throughout the sprawling Tampa Bay metropolitan area. Getting delegates to the convention site went smoothly without incident. However, getting them back to their hotels was another matter entirely. After that evening’s final speaker, delegates came pouring out of the arena and began wandering around the facility looking for their assigned buses. When buses eventually arrived and transported passengers to Raymond James Stadium, delegates encountered more delays as buses inched their way along a narrow two-lane road to enter the parking area. Many delegates were forced to move from bus to bus, asking drivers if their bus was designated to take them to their particular hotels.

"It was a disaster," said Karen Dove, a 55-year-old Florida delegate who didn’t get back to her room until after 3 a.m. "It got so bad that people revolted. They actually got off the bus and took a cab."

If you need to transport a large group of people to an event but don’t relish the thought of transportation delays, choose a San Francisco bus rental from us and rest easy! We are one of the Bay Area’s premier luxury coach providers and can handle groups of any size comfortably, reliably and very affordably. Our buses are immaculately clean and very comfortable, and they offer many luxury amenities to make your experience relaxing and fun. If you’re shopping around for best bus rental rates and service in the Bay Area, look no further! Just give us a call at NLS Limo today at 800-339-8936 and leave the rest to us!

Baseball Fans, Rent a Bay Area Limousine or Party Bus for Trips to the Game!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 29, 2012

Baseball fans in the Bay Area are hoping for another great season, and the way things are shaping up on both sides of the Bay, the playoffs are a very real possibility. There’s a lot of baseball left to be played, but both the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s are off to a fine start. If they continue at their current torrid pace, they will be poised for the postseason. If you want to make a late season or postseason visit to the ballpark extra special, why not rent a San Francisco limousine or party bus to take you and your crew to and from the game in style?

Admit it, each time you go to the ballpark, you’re somewhat envious of the people being dropped off right at the gate by their limousine or party bus. These and other luxury vehicles attract attention wherever they go, and being dropped off in a limo a few steps from AT&T Park or Oakland-Alameda County Stadium has always been a pleasant daydream for most baseball fans. The good news is that daydream is a lot more affordable than you think it is, and no one has more luxury ground transportation options that NLS Limo!

We recommend the following limos and party buses for comfort and convenience on the way to and from the ballpark:

Those are only a few of the many luxury options for you and your friends and family members to choose from when considering transportation to the games. They are roomy, very comfortable and affordable, and they offer luxury amenities to make your experience fun and memorable. For more information about these and other Bay Area limos and party buses for game transportation, just give us a call at 800-339-8936!

Party Buses and Party Vans Are Both a Fun Way to Get Around!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 29, 2012

A lot of our customers in the Bay Area ask us about the difference between party buses and party vans. From a semantic perspective, vans are designed to move cargo, and buses are designed to move groups of people. Since we’re in the hospitality business and prefer to view things from that perspective, we can tell you that there really isn’t any difference between our San Francisco party buses and party vans. No matter what you prefer to call them, it doesn’t matter much to us as long as you call us when you need a party bus or party van in the Bay Area!

We often use these two terms interchangeably, and it can spark some lively debates among staff members. However, no matter which side of the debate they end up on, we all focus on the quality of experience that our guests enjoy while riding in them. Our guests rent our party buses for special events, such as these:

While each party bus in our fleet is designed a bit differently to accommodate groups of different sizes with different amenities, our guests can count on the following luxury amenities no matter which party bus they choose:

No matter what type of party van you need or the type of occasions that you need it for, you can rely on us to make sure that you and your friends and family have a great time at a very affordable rate. Use your browser to check out images of the various party buses in our fleet and the amenities unique to each of them. If you have questions and/or want to make a reservation, just give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936. If you call them limo buses, that’s OK, too!

Party Bus Altercation Results in One Arrest, Five Injuries

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 21, 2012

One man has been arrested and five people were injured after a recent altercation in Surrey, British Columbia, involving a driver and the passengers of a party bus. A spokesperson with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told reports that the altercation began when the party bus carrying 50 guests pulled into a gas station. They said that as the party bus was being fueled, some inebriated guests got off the bus and began harassing a motorist who was trying to drive into the station.

“This confrontation quickly escalated violently and was fuelled by a toxic mix of alcohol, testosterone, and poor judgment,” said Sgt. Drew Grainger. "This altercation led to weapons being brandished by both parties including edged weapons, bear spray, and a piece of lumber."

The ensuing altercation injured five people, including the chauffeur and one guest who suffered stab wounds. Officers arrested the 22-year-old driver of the car and charged him with assault, and the RCMP is also considering charges against some of the bus passengers.

Sgt. David MacDonald said that officers had a difficult time determining why the altercation occurred and how many people were involved.

“Anybody who was at (the) scene says it was a big mess, a really big kerfuffle and we are going to have to try and figure it out during the daytime hours to get a better grasp on the situation,” he said.

Sad to say, this is the sort of nonsense that gives party buses in San Francisco and across the country a bad reputation. Similar incidents here in the Bay Area have caused club owners and some San Francisco city officials to ask state lawmakers to consider changes to California party bus laws that currently exempt chauffeurs from being responsible for drunken guests. These changes are currently being reviewed in the Senate and are expected to pass.

If and when these changes are passed into law, they won’t change our policy towards underage or excessive drinking and rowdy behavior. We want our Bay Area party bus guests to have a great time, but we also want to make sure that everyone gets home safely. That is and always has been our policy and first priority. So, if you’re looking for a San Francisco party bus rental company that takes the safety of their guests seriously while providing a fun, festive and affordable luxury experience, call us at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936 to reserve your Bay Area party bus today!

Rent a San Francisco Charter Bus for the Best in Comfortable and Affordable Group Travel

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 13, 2012

If you have been tasked with finding a Bay Area charter bus for your group and are wondering where to begin your search, we humbly suggest that you begin and end your search here at Nationwide Limousine Service. We offer luxury coaches for all your charter bus rental needs in addition to our fleet of limousines, party buses, classic cars and other luxury vehicles. Our charter buses are a fun, safe, affordable and very comfortable way for you and up to 55 of your friends and relatives to get to your destinations and back home again. Our San Francisco bus charters are ideal for a wide range of trips, including these:

Each luxury coach rental makes travel fun and very comfortable by offering amenities that please and pamper your guests, including these:

  • DVD players
  • Flat screen televisions
  • PA systems
  • CD players
  • Tinted windows for comfort and privacy
  • Plush, comfortable seating
  • Restrooms
  • Many other creature comforts!

Over the years, it has been our great pleasure to transport many different kinds of groups in our charter buses, and we’re very proud to say that many of them come back to us again and again for all their group travel needs. Our luxury coaches are especially popular with the following:

  • Church groups
  • Sports fans heading to professional football, baseball, hockey and basketball games
  • Amateur sports teams heading to competitions
  • School groups
  • Families
  • Shoppers who want to enjoy a big city shopping experience without the big city driving and parking hassles
  • International visitors wanting to sightsee in the beautiful Bay Area
  • Other groups who want to ride in comfort and style

If you’re looking for a San Francisco bus charter service that offers clean, comfortable and affordable luxury coaches as well as outstanding customer service, please call us today at 800-339-8936. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our Bay Area bus rentals and help you find the one that best fits the size of your group and budget. Call NLS Limo today!

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