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San Francisco Classic Car Rentals | San Francisco Travel Blog

Bay Area Rolls-Royce Classic Car Rentals

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 4, 2020

Cruise around the town and create some exciting, once-in-a-lifetime family memories this holiday season with a Bay Area Rolls-Royce classic car rental from Nationwide Limousine Service! Even though Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area will be slightly different this year, that certainly shouldn’t stop you and your loved ones from creating a little holiday magic of your own.

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Lake Tahoe Day Trips and Pebble Beach Sightseeing Tours from NLS Limo

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 8, 2020

Grab your sweetheart and indulge yourself this weekend with a once-in-a-lifetime trip along California’s iconic Pacific coastline in a luxury rental from Nationwide Limousine Service. Anyone living in San Francisco will tell you that this is one of the most beautiful times of the year for sightseeing in the Bay Area, so sit back, relax, and escape the headaches of your daily routine & fast-paced city life with one of our luxurious Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud convertibles, the 1948 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, or perhaps the “mobster-style” 1938 Rolls-Royce. Today at NLS Limo, we’ve decided to highlight a few of our favorite day-trip destinations that are guaranteed to delight your socially-distanced “bubble” of family and friends.

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Huge Classic Car Auction Scheduled for November

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 13, 2012

Classic car enthusiasts from California and across the country have bought their tickets and booked hotel reservations for one of the biggest events of the year. From Nov. 15 through Nov. 17, the eyes (and checkbooks) of the automotive cognoscenti will turn to the Anaheim Convention Center, where more than 800 classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars and other automotive wonders will go on the auction block. The auction is being held by Mecum Auction Inc., which expects to sell many millions of dollars worth of steel, chrome and rubber before the gavel falls for the last time on this year’s auction.

Admission is $15, and the gates open at 8 a.m. each day, but prospective buyers will want to have plenty of cash reserves to bid on such beauties as these:

  • Tom McMullen’s 1932 Ford Deuce roadster, which appeared on the covers of Hot Rod, Street Rodder and Popular Hot Rod magazines, complete with paint job designed by legendary hot rod designer “Big Daddy” Ed Roth
  • A 1936 Ford Jack Calori Coupe, a best-in-class winner at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach
  • A Le Mans blue 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Convertible, powered by a 427-cubic-inch, 430-horsepower engine

Here at NLS Limo, we’re very proud of the San Francisco classic car rentals in our fleet, and we’re always on the lookout for new models to add to the collection. Each of our antique cars has been lovingly restored and includes as many of the original parts and features as possible to provide an authentic classic car experience. Some of the options available to our customers include the following:

Our San Francisco classic car rentals are very popular for weddings, anniversaries, birthday and Christmas gifts, wine tours and many other special occasions. To learn more about each of these classics and to reserve one for your special event, give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936.

Classic Car Enthusiasts Turn Attention to Big Auction in UK Next Month

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 31, 2012

There will be a lot of treats for classic car lovers in the United Kingdom this coming Halloween. That’s the day that a classic car fleet worth an estimated $42 million will go on the auction block that features lots of rare automotive gems, including an Aston Martin once owned by Paul McCartney, a Ferrari Formula One racing car, a rare Gullwing Mercedes coupe and many other automotive sweets. Many eyes will focus on the RM Auctions Automobiles of London event in Battersea, where at least 91 classic cars will be on the auction block.

Highlights on the docket include these:

  • A 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Alloy Gullwing, one of just 29 built, worth an estimated $5 million
  • A 1998 Ferrari F300 Formula One Racing car, worth an estimated $750,000
  • A 1967 Aston Martin DB6 Shooting Brake, worth an estimated $510,000
  • A 1967 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Limousine once owned by Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor and John Lennon, worth an estimated $175,000
  • A 1952 Bentley Continental R-Type Fastback Sports Saloon by H.J. Mulliner & Co., worth an estimated $1 million
  • At least 11 more classic Aston Martin automobiles of various vintages
  • At least 11 more Ferraris, including a pristine 250 GT LWB ‘Tour de France,’ worth an estimated $3 million
  • Vintage Bugattis, Mini Coopers and even a few vintage motorcycles as well

Prices for vintage automobiles have surged in recent years as more and more buyers have turned to them as investment vehicles. Prices for exceptionally rare cars, such as the Gullwing Mercedes and others, have increased as much as 19 percent in the last year alone, making them a very attractive option for investors looking for opportunities. Classic car values are closely monitored by Dietrich Hatlapa of the Historic Automotive Group Index, who says that values are up an astonishing 63 percent in the last five years.

He reports that, “Classic cars have been doing very well recently, and this year there has been a double-digit increase in value. The increase doesn’t apply to all old models, but rare cars which are technically interesting and have a racing pedigree are doing well.”

If you love classic cars but don’t have the means to buy one, we believe that we have the perfect solution! Rent one of our San Francisco classic cars and experience the thrill of riding in a vintage automobile at a tiny fraction of the cost of owning one. We have one of the best selections of vintage car rentals in the Bay Area, and they are available at very affordable rates. For more information about our makes, models and rentals rates, browse the pages of our site, and call us at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936 to reserve yours today!

Classic Car Rentals Become Fundraiser for Tennessee Museum

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 2, 2012

All classic car lovers dream about being able to drive these timeless beauties, and a few get to own them and drive them whenever they like. However, most folks never get a chance to get behind the wheel of a classic car. A museum in Tennessee has taken that longing and turned it into a very innovative fundraiser now in its third year. Recently, classic car enthusiasts from all over the Midwest got a chance to fulfill their dream of driving a vintage car during the third annual Rally for the Lane fundraiser for the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville.

The idea is quite simple, and thus far, has been very successful for the institution. Classic car buffs are allowed to “rent” one of the museum’s vintage cars and drive it 40 miles to nearby Columbia, Tenn. and back again. Drivers get to stretch their classic car experience by stopping for lunch with other drivers before heading back to the museum, where they are treated to a behind the scenes tour including the museum’s seldom seen collection of vintage cars in the basement.

Ed Krenz and his brother drove all the way from Wisconsin to enjoy the classic car rentals. It was their third year of making this automotive pilgrimage.

"It’s such a neat collection of cars and how often do you get a chance to go to a museum and take the stuff out and play with it?" Krenz said. "It’s always fun to talk to other people at lunch and then at the end of the day and find out what their day was like, too. I’m just enjoying the whole experience."

The funds raised during the event help pay for maintenance on the more than 330 classic cars in the museum’s collection.

"It is one of the most unique collections of automobiles that you will ever see," said Doran Edwards, who also plans to make the fundraiser each year. "There are some cars here that you will never see anywhere else in the world."

Now that we have written about it, it wouldn’t surprise us a bit if some of our staff members ask for time off around next year’s event. They love restoring classic cars and adding them to our collection. If you’ve always wanted to drive a classic car but can’t make the trip to Tennessee, you can rent them right here in the Bay Area! We offer several different San Francisco classic car rental options to our guests and add new classics to the collection as often as possible. For more information about your options, please browse the pages of our site, including pictures of these timeless classics. When you’ve made a decision on which vintage car is the one for you, just give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936 and we’ll take care of the rest!

Antique Car Show a Must-See Event for Classic Car Lovers

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 8, 2012

California is a wonderland for antique car aficionados. The weather here is perfect for preserving classic cars and other automotive gems, and Southern California is the epicenter of the antique car universe. On the last Saturday of each month, car enthusiasts flock to the Fontana Car Show event held in at the Civic Center Campus parking lot. The show is free and attracts people from all over the country to view the classic cars on display.

"I really like coming to car shows," said classic car owner Diana Fiel of Rialto. "I like getting to see the beauty of antique cars."

Fiel is the proud owner of a lovely 1951 Chevy 3100 series pickup truck. She recently entered her truck in the show for the first time and says that she and other participants love talking to the people who attend the show and the attention that the antique cars receive. If you’re in the Fontana area on the last Saturday of the month, the show is open from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., and it’s a great way to spend the afternoon.

"There’s nothing like seeing classic cars up close," said attendee Gabriel Tellez.

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, the only thing better than seeing classic cars up close is being able to rent and ride in them! We have a very respectable selection of Bay Area antique car and classic car rentals, and they are available at very affordable rates. Our guests rent our San Francisco classic cars for a wide range of different special events, including these:

For pictures and information about each of the antique cars in our fleet, please browse the pages of our site. If you have questions or would like to reserve one of our beautiful San Francisco classic car rentals for an upcoming special occasion, just give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936! We’re always on the lookout for new antique cars to add to our selection. Maybe we’ll see you at the next Fontana Car Show!

California Classic Car Dealer Is Our Kind of Guy

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 6, 2012

Keith McCormick is the owner of McCormick’s Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions and as serious about classic automobiles as we are. Each time we think about adding a new model to our selection of San Francisco classic car rentals, we check his inventory first. The Englishman started his business four years after arriving here in the U.S. in 1981, but his love affair with classic cars started years before that. His got his first job as a mechanic in 1966 when he was 18. It wasn’t long before he realized that a life fixing, restoring and selling classic cars of all kinds was going to become a career. Today, he exports more than 1,000 cars each year to at least 15 counties around the world. His cars sell for between $2,000 and $250,000 each, and he says the famously sunny Southern California weather is a big part of his success.

“The big news about California is they don’t rust,” McCormick said. “That’s why the old cars are so pristine. We have sunshine every day and there’s not the rain or salt that gets put on the roads.”

Even after four decades in the business, he says that he still gets a thrill working on and around cars.

“Can you remember your father’s first car?” he asked. “Maybe in 20 years time, when you get this pang of nostalgia, you might want to go buy what your father took you to school in as a kid. It’s an exciting kind of adrenaline pumper.”

He said that while he loves modern cars as well, he much prefers to work on classic cars, which he claims are less expensive to maintain and keep running. A big part of this bias has to do with computers and other modern developments, which can be pricey to replace.

“We just had to put a computer brain in a Lincoln limo that we got in — $2,200,” he said.
“There is no computer brain in the old classic cars. You’re looking at $2,000 for a late model Lincoln against a couple of hundred bucks under the hood of a classic car.”
He says that a very important part of the appeal of classic cars is that they are timeless works of art and that his business will remain successful in the future because people love the look and feel of these automotive artworks.

“It’s like saying the art industry is going to fall apart, Picasso is going to be worth half the money,” he said. “It’s never gonna happen.”

We couldn’t agree more. If you’re thinking about reserving a San Francisco classic car rental for an upcoming event, we have several that are worthy of your consideration. They are all lovingly maintained to retain their great looks and timeless beauty and are available at very affordable rates. For more information about your options and to reserve your Bay Area classic car rental, just give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936!

President Vladimir Putin’s Limousine Draws Complaint From Activists

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 6, 2012

A motorist group claims that the limousine that transported Russian President Vladimir Putin during his recent inaugural celebrations was in violation of the law and should be fined like any other vehicle on Russia’s roadways. After winning an unprecedented third term in office, Putin was recently transported throughout Moscow in a sleek black limo that did not have the required front license plate. His motorcade included his limo, police motorcycles, black minivans and lots of security personnel. The Blue Buckets, a Russian motorist rights society, have issued a complaint wondering how so many law enforcement personnel could overlook such an obvious disregard for the law.

The Blue Buckets have asked that the driver of the presidential limo be located and fined like any other driver without the required front license plate. Moscow police took their time reacting to the complaint and explained that the president’s limo was not in violation of the law. They said that the limo could drive on Moscow streets without the license plate because the streets had been cleared of all traffic for the newly elected president. A spokesman for the State Traffic Inspection Administration said that because there was no regular traffic present, normal "traffic rules did not apply."

He said that the occasion was like a motor race or Victory Day Parade on Red Square and added, "In these cases there is no regular traffic, and military hardware and racing cars drive without license plates."

By law, Moscow police are required to respond to complaints within one month. However, a Blue Buckets spokesperson told the Russian press that Moscow police were also in violation, as it took them more than two months to respond to the complaint. The group maintains that empty streets or not, the limo driver should be found and pay the 5,000 rubles ($150) fine or have his or her license suspended for three months like any other driver. The Putin administration has not responded to the complaint.

Here in San Francisco, you don’t have to be a head of state to receive the presidential treatment when you want to rent a Bay Area limousine, party bus, classic car or SUV limo. All you have to do is call us at 800-339-8936 to make a reservation! We treat all our guests like the VIPs they are and go the extra mile to ensure that everyone has a great time. So, the next time you need a San Francisco limo to make a special occasion even more special, just give us a call at NLS Limo!

Classic Car Once Owned By Al Capone Slated for Auction

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 13, 2012

A classic 1928 Cadillac V8 Town Sedan that once transported legendary Chicago gangster Al Capone is going on the auction block this July. The annual RM Auctions St. John’s event on July 28 will feature this and other classic cars. This Cadillac is expected to sell for between $300,000 and $500,000. Capone sold this custom Caddy shortly before he was imprisoned on tax evasion charges in 1932, and, since then, it has traveled widely in classic car shows and been a fixture in museums. This one-of-a-kind classic is definitely not just an old car. It features several modifications befitting a man of Capone’s stature in his line of work.

First off, the car was painted green to resemble Chicago Police cars, complete with siren and a searchlight mounted next to the windshield on the driver’s side. It has been restored several times over the years, but it originally had 3,000 pounds of bulletproof asbestos-wrapped steel plates reinforced with lead inserts, along with one-inch thick glass. Unlike other Cadillacs of the time, Capone’s Caddy also featured a dropdown rear window that could be used as a gun slit and side windows that rolled up to reveal holes in the bottom that fit rifle barrels very nicely.

The son of the garage owner who initially did the custom work for the gangster recalls the day that Capone arrived to pick up his Cadillac. Richard Capistran, now 93 years old, said that Capone was so pleased with the work that he paid his father double the agreed-upon price for the Cadillac and tipped young Richard $10, a princely sum at the time, for helping his father work on the car.

We love classic cars. Every one of them tells a unique story, and there simply is no experience quite like riding in one of these classics. Step into the spacious interior and you are transported back to another time. If you’re thinking about renting a classic car for an upcoming special event and need a Bay Area classic car rental service, you have come to the right place! We have several San Francisco classic car rentals, and we are adding more all the time. For information about rates and availability, please call us at NLS Limo today at 800-339-8936!

Maserati Limo Listed on eBay

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 19, 2011

Maserati is one of those brands that car lovers all over the world immediately identify with and feel a bit wistful because so few of us can afford one. Names like Rolls-Royce and Bentley evoke similar feelings but for very different reasons. Here at NLS Limo, we love luxury vehicles of all kinds, but we have very strong feelings about which brands should remain high-end performance machines (like Maseratis) and which should remain stately luxury limousines (like Rolls and Bentley.) When we heard about a 10-passenger Maserati limousine being auctioned on eBay, our lead mechanic had to be rushed to the hospital. Such a thing was inconsistent with his worldview, and the thought of a fine Italian performance machine grafted to the body of a limo was just too much.

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