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Rent a San Francisco Limousine and Enjoy a Picnic on Ocean Beach

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 13, 2010

The cool breezes and fog rolling in from the Pacific discourage many visitors to Ocean Beach most of the year. However, for some, these are endearing qualities rather than reasons to stay away. Ocean Beach is one of San Francisco’s best-kept secrets. If you’re a landlubber with warm clothes who is yearning to breathe in the fresh sea air, pack a picnic lunch, rent one of our Bay Area limos and enjoy a picnic on Ocean Beach! The bracing air deters most visitors, which is why this is a perfect location for a romantic picnic or a weekday getaway or both! Here is a checklist for enjoying a day or an evening at Ocean Beach:

•   Grab a bottle or two of good wine
As we mentioned, Ocean Beach can be chilly. Having a bottle or two of good wine sets a nice mood, cleanses the palate between courses and helps ward off the cold. A little antifreeze in your bloodstream is highly recommended.

•    Pack a picnic basket with your favorite foods
You can purchase picnics ready to go from several places in town. If this is a spontaneous bolt of inspiration, they will serve you well, but they will be expensive. Instead, spend the extra money on great bread, cheeses, charcuterie and fruit. Don’t forget dessert.

•    Build a fire
Ocean Beach is one of the few places you can build a fire. So, gather some driftwood and dine by the fire! While you’re gathering, look for pieces of the King Philip, a clipper that ran aground in 1878. Pieces still wash ashore occasionally.

•    Don’t bring your swimsuit
The cold water temperature dissuades most people from taking a dip, and that is good because there are fierce riptides and strong currents in the water here. This is one of the Bay Area’s most popular places for surfers, but they have respect for the water and know they are taking their chances.

•    Rent a San Francisco limousine
Sooner or later, even the most intrepid picnicker will want to warm up. Renting a San Francisco limo for a tour of the area and the skyline is a fine way to end your day on the beach. You could even rent one of our limos with a hot tub to chase the chill from your bones and enjoy a relaxing soak with a glass or three of wine.

If you’re planning a visit to the Bay Area or are looking for cool mini vacation ideas in your own backyard and off the beaten path, rent one of our San Francisco limousines for a picnic on Ocean Beach. Just call us at 1-800-339-8936 and speak with one of our reservation specialists to choose from our fleet of Bay Area limos.

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