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Soccer Fans Trash Party Bus After Match

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 14, 2011

A group of fans from a rival team attacked a party bus transporting a group of English soccer fans recently after an important tournament. The party bus was carrying a group of fans of the Manchester City soccer club after their FA Cup semifinal match with archrival Manchester United when it needed to stop for gas. While the driver was filling up the tank, a rowdy group of United fans surrounded the vehicle and began throwing bottles of antifreeze from an outside display nearby. They then began kicking the party bus, smashing the windshield and kicking in the side panels where luggage is often stored.

The group of 11 Manchester City fathers and sons inside the party bus, including one ten-year-old boy, became increasingly frightened as the violence escalated. The owner of the party bus, Mike Heybourne, who owns and operates a travel agency, said the hooligans caused more than $17,000 in damage.

“We had a great day out with the Man City fans who were lads and their dads who wanted to celebrate their Wembley appearance in style,” he said. “On the way back the driver had to stop for fuel at the services when a coach of Man Utd fans pulled up alongside.”

“Some of them must have noticed that there were Man City fans inside the limo and they started causing aggro. There were 15 people all throwing whatever they could get their hands on. They were grabbing bottles of antifreeze from the forecourt and started smashing up the limousine.”

“They surrounded the vehicle and started beating and rocking it. The people inside were so terrified. I dread to think what might have happened had the doors not been locked. Every panel on the limousine was damaged by missiles or was kicked in. They were like animals.”

Police responded to the scene and made several arrests. The travel company sent another party bus to pick up the shaken soccer fans and transport them back to their homes.

Mr. Heybourne added, “The passengers had a great day with us and saw their team reach the FA Cup final but this must have soured it for them. There were kids watching Man City DVDs suddenly coming under attack from grown men. I’ve been a Liverpool fan all my life and I understand the need for good-natured rivalry in football. But these people were animals. There’s no room for them in football.”

A story like this makes us appreciate the conduct and civility of Bay Area sports fans even more. Our San Francisco party buses and limousines are often rented for professional and college sporting events of all kinds, and we have had minor incidents of spirited fans getting a bit too rowdy in the past. However, we have never had a limo or party bus of fans assaulted, thankfully. If you want to rent one of our Bay Area limousines or party buses for luxury transportation to a sporting event, just give us a call at NLS Limo at 1-800-339-8936. Just don’t ask us to drive you and your friends to a soccer game in England!

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