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NLS Selects: Four Beer Halls Worth the Trip

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 25, 2019

We’ve said it many, many times, and we’re here to say it again: if you love beer, then you love San Francisco. While the city and the surrounding areas (particularly Sonoma & Napa Valley) are world famous for their wine production, the Bay Area itself has accepted its poorer-quality terroir with aplomb and decided to focus its energies on the brewing and distribution of a different sort of liquid elixir.

Over the past few decades, while the craft beer movement has exploded throughout the country, the Bay Area has been at the forefront of this wave. The fruits of all this work and time are there for you to enjoy, and today we want to give you a little direction by highlighting some of our favorite beer halls within the city.

  • Barrel Head Brewhouse: Restaurant and beer hall all in one, the Barrel Head Brewhouse features more than three dozen locally made beers waiting in the tap lines for you to say, “pour me another!” A warm and welcoming spot, this is a favorite for those looking for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Bartlett Hall: If its centrality you’re after, you can’t do better than Bartlett Hall. This famous brewhouse sits at the heart of Union Square where its delicate lighting creates lagoons of conversation inside of booths and long tables. Also serving cocktails and wine, Bartlett Hall is a good choice for those looking for an intimate evening and a bite to eat.
  • Southern Pacific Brewing: Both a beer hall and a brewery, Southern Pacific Brewing takes you further afield. Located along an easily missable street within the Mission District, Southern Pacific Brewing features plenty of seating, a marvelous food menu, and a crazy-comprehensive list of beers brewed both locally and throughout the world.
  • Schroeder’s: If you want the classic German beer hall experience, then Schroeder’s is the place for you. For over 120 years, this beer hall has been filling glass boots with the finest pilsners, maibocks, and kolsch style beers as well as ensuring that its patrons are fully stuffed with schnitzel, cheese, and pretzels.

These are only a few of the fabulous beer halls located in and around San Francisco, and any one you pick will be sure to provide you with a marvelous evening.

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