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GlobalSF and the Future of Food

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 6, 2019

Food and San Francisco go hand in hand. From its humble beginnings as a port on the Pacific, San Francisco has become one of the primary cities to watch for new trends in art, politics, film, and, yes, food. Considering how many unique cultures call the city by the bay their home, and considering how many people from these various cultures are heavily engaged in their own food traditions, it is no wonder that food in our city has reached a unique place of fusion, elevation, and exploration.

Following this tradition, GlobalSF has posited as one of their primary goals the introduction of foreign investment in the city as well as the export of local businesses to the rest of the world. That they have turned their attention to food is no surprise, and for those looking to get a taste of San Francisco’s future (pun intended) it is therefore a fantastic idea to get yourself over to the Future of Food In San Francisco event which will take place at the historic Market Square Food Hall on Monday, November 18th.

At the center of the Future of Food in SF event lies presentations by three key chefs working within the city today: Chef Tanya Holland, Chef Brandon Jew, and Chef Belinda Leong. These trend-setting and taste-making individuals are the head minds behind such astonishing San Francisco eateries as Brown Sugar Kitchen, B. Patisserie, and Mister Jiu’s. If you’ve ever eaten at any of these restaurants, then you know the high standard towards which the food which emerges from their kitchen’s leans. You know the level of skill and passion of the chefs and the summits reached by their creations.

This is reason enough to attend the fireside conversations with the three chefs as they discuss global food trends currently sweeping across the city as well as ways to better assist the Bay Area make connections with traditions from Asia and beyond.

Tickets to the event include a reception with food and drink provided. As well, you will have the chance to be among the first to taste Eclipse Ice Cream, a plant-based desert that its manufacturers claim is impossible to tell apart from the real thing!

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