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A Malty, Hoppy Paradise: SF Craft Beer Week

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 18, 2020

Lovers of craft beer in the Bay Area are currently deep in their element as we head towards the middle of Craft Beer Week throughout San Francisco and surrounding region. Beginning on February 7th, Craft Beer Week features hundreds of different events all around San Francisco but also stretching southward to Monterey County, northward up into Sonoma, and as far east as the Tri-Valley area. In other words, from San Francisco, you can head hours in any direction and still find yourself within the scope of the Bay Area’s stunning, legendary, and totally tasty Craft Beer Week.

Locations involved in Craft Beer Week range from breweries to bars, with all sorts of events to attend, from tastings to classes to lectures. Beer, in other words, finds itself the center of attention during Craft Beer Week, and if you’ve ever wanted to expand your palette, learn more about how certain beers are made, or just listen as experts in the field of brewing chat about their knowledge, then this is absolutely the event for you.

While the week began on February 7th with a massive Opening Gala held at Pier 35, the event is far from winding down. This means that there are still plenty of things for you beer lovers to do before SF Beer Week shutters for the year!

Do you like hoppy beers? Strong ales? Tart? Fruity? Salty? There’s truly something for every preference, ensuring that even the most picky among your cohort will discover a new favorite or, at the very least, find themselves saying, “that sure does taste interesting.” And the beer itself is just the beginning. Craft Beer Week is all about pairings, be it with food or entertainment or education, so expect to find yourself engaging in all sorts of activities that make the beer taste even better. Or look at it the other way around: with a beer in your hand, many things become far more exciting.

A complete list of locations participating in SF Craft Beer Week as well as the various events still to come can be found at the event’s official website.

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