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NLS Selects: Three Bars Worth the Effort

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 25, 2019

So, we’re thinking that it might not be a bad idea to keep going with our “Best Places to Grab A Drink in San Francisco” thing because, let’s admit it, the world has become a very dark and gloomy place and sometimes there’s not much else one can do other than grab a beer or a cocktail and snuggle up with some friends in a place that lets us pretend that everything is okay with society.

Today we want to highlight three of San Francisco’s most famous bars. These places aren’t necessarily breweries, but they are absolutely high on the list of locations to check out if you’re looking to try some of the best that the Bay Area has to offer when it comes to imbibing.

First up, Mikkeller Bar, which stands on Mason Street in between Eddy and Turk Streets. This is the only bar on this list that is also a brewery, and what a brewery it is. With its microbrewery headquarters located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mikkeller also has two physical spaces within the states. The one in San Francisco is beloved not only for its amazing selection of rare tap and bottled beers but also for its fantastic food.

Next, we will class it up with some literary flair at Novela. While it certainly has a tap list that is worth looking over, Novela is most famed for its extraordinary cocktail menu. Featuring classics alongside of originals, Novela serves all of its drinks within its cozy atmosphere that takes its inspiration from classic literature, from Hemingway to Kerouac. While Novela doesn’t boast the largest food menu, there are plenty of small plate options to keep the nibblers among you satisfied.

Bourbon & Branch, the last on our list today, is one of those places that is so renowned and respected that it doesn’t even have a sign. Also, you can only get in if you have a reservation. The staff are strict, and there is a list of house rules that must be followed, but all of this – as well as its stunning list of rums, bourbon, and tequilas – adds to the incredibly intimate vibe that has made Bourbon & Branch one of the most respected and sought after cocktail bars in the country.

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