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Four Great New Restaurants in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on September 1, 2015

Food and culture are big reasons to visit a new city, and San Francisco is no exception. In fact, the city has just been named the "best food city in the country" by Bon Appetit magazine. In addition to such accolades, San Francisco keeps visitors on their toes with a constantly shifting landscape of hot new restaurants. Whether you’re in the Bay area on a return visit or you’re brand new to it all, get a taste of the most current flavors in San Francisco with four of the newest venues to hit the culinary scene.


A perfect choice for sushi lovers, this restaurant offers fresh, hand crafted chef’s-choice sushi selections (in Japanese, the word “omakase” translates literally to “I leave it to you,” hence why this term is used for chef-selected meals). Adventurous diners seeking a meal expertly prepared and curated by traditional sushi chefs can take their pick of collections at one of three price points: $100, $150, and $200. While Omakase may be a bit on the expensive side for some travelers, the cost is well worth it for the authenticity, quality of sushi, and the unique excitement of a proper omakase sushi experience.


Take the hard work out of fine dining by forgoing tough decisions and opting for Trestle’s rotating prix fixe (fixed-price) menu of three-course meals for $35 per person. Offerings change daily, so multi-day visitors can choose this restaurant again and again for a new culinary experience each time. Located in San Francisco’s charming Jackson Square district, Trestle is an intimate neighborhood venue that aims to emulate the cozy joy of the perfect meal at the perfect family gathering.

Dirty Water

This restaurant-slash-bar is ideal for lunch and dinner diners seeking a great selection of adult beverages. Featuring over 50 draft beers, 100 wines, and hundreds of spirits, Dirty Water — born of passionate, experienced mixologist Kristian Cosentino — strives to provide beverages and craft cocktails of the finest quality. It is, of course, still a restaurant, with a menu that features cheese plates, shareable selections, and a variety of charcuterie (cold cooked meats, for those unfamiliar). The Dirty Water experience is enhanced by interior decor that’s a perfect cross between rustic and modern for a progressive-but-cozy feel.


The newest culinary venture from award-winning chef Melissa Perello, Octavia is a New American restaurant serving dinner Tuesday – Sunday weekly. Diners can expect a reasonably priced variety of comforting favorite flavors like local halibut, fettuccine, and roasted Sonoma duck breast. Octavia is focused on the comfort and intimacy of sharing great food with friends and family, and features warm, comfortable décor that allows the original wood and stone of the location’s 19th century history to come alive.

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