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Bay Area Music Festivals

Outside Lands: Music and So Much More

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 23, 2018

As one of the largest music festivals in the country, Outside Lands considers itself to be one of the most exciting and expansive events in the festival landscape. Even calling in a music festival is to limit the wide variety of events to one thing when, in fact, Outside Lands includes art exhibitions, public lectures, stand up comedy, and so much more.

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34th Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 9, 2018

Jazz and it’s cousin, hip-hop are two of the only genres of music that can be said to be primarily American. With its pastiche of musical styles, its roots in African-American history, and its comfort in both carnage hall and the bar down the street, jazz exists as a mirror to our own country’s mashup of identity. Partially for this reason, because it so closely resembles us and the ways our differing identities mix and match, jazz acts as a tie that can help bind even the most disparate seeming elements of our society together.

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42nd Annual Union Street Music Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 3, 2018

I can hear you now. “When,” you are asking, in a sincere and slightly pleading voice, “when will the 42nd Annual Union Street Music Festival return to San Francisco so that I can both save money and enjoy some of the best in bluegrass, jazz, and country that the Bay Area has to offer?” This question is one of the hallmarks of Summer, and every year those in the know look for details to start emerging around the Union Street Music Festival so that they can plan accordingly.

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The Summer Lineup of Bay Area Music Festivals Has Something for Everyone!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 17, 2011

Everybody loves music, and the Bay Area features some of the best festivals in the country with lineups to make any music connoisseur happy. We’ve compiled a list of just a few of these festivals, including the websites for more information and a partial lineup for each. Enjoy!

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