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Strengthening Businesses in Sunnyvale

Every business is constantly on the lookout for ways to grow, become more efficient, and retain the best employee force they can. Not every business succeeds in doing this. Time and time again, businesses that would otherwise be successful fall prey to lackadaisical employees. Why? Because people don't work hard unless they have the right incentive. One of the most important factors affecting an individual's workplace satisfaction is the ease of their commute. The more grueling the drive, the less satisfied the employee. Short of hiring people only within a two block radius, how can you combat this complaint? The answer is so easy, and more and more companies are doing it: employee shuttle services to and from work.

Join The Ranks of Massively Successful Businesses

Yes, Google may have some of the most brilliant minds working for them, but if those minds felt under-appreciated they wouldn't be doing much at all. Some of the most lucrative companies in the country have adopted shuttle service for their employees because they know how beneficial it can be:

  • Shuttles increase the opportunities and likelihood for networking: In a shuttle, people who might otherwise never meet are in a position to speak to one another. A shuttle very quickly becomes a hotbed of creative activity and collaboration, and this injects life directly into the veins of your company.
  • Shuttles reduce the stress of your employees: Driving through Sunnyvale's congested streets around rush hour is nobody's idea of a good time. An employee who shows up to work after a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam on the Bayshore Freeway is going to be less prepared for a day at work than an employee who was able to start his/her day sitting in a comfortable shuttle, checking emails, and chatting with co-workers.
  • Shuttles ensure that everyone arrives on time: No more absentees from the important strategy meetings, no more office desks unexpectedly vacant. The shuttle ensures that your employees arrive at work when they are supposed to, and this means that you are that much less likely to worry about whether or not they are earning their salaries.

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