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Employee Commuter Programs Help Companies “Go Green” and Save Green

There’s a trend underway across the country of companies of all sizes discovering that employee commuter shuttle programs are not only an environmentally responsible decision, but also one that pays for itself and saves them money. This is an idea that is building momentum because it benefits employers and employees in a wide range of ways that are both tangible and intangible. With the economy in a state of uncertainty and companies scrambling to cut costs, the time to embrace fiscally and environmentally responsible programs such as employee commuter shuttle services has arrived.

Benefits of Employee Commuter Shuttle Services

The list of benefits of employee shuttle services is long and varied, but undeniably beneficial for companies and employees alike. Here is a short list of the benefits:

  • Increased productivity
    Employee commuter programs increase productivity through reduced stress, reduced absenteeism and employees arriving at work relaxed instead of stressed from rush hour traffic.
  • Reduced corporate taxes
    Through the Transportation Equity Act, companies providing employee commuter programs may qualify for reduced taxes.
  • Environmental responsibility
    Through reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from fewer cars on the road, everyone benefits, especially our environment.
  • Enhanced sense of community
    People who work within the same company, but never have an opportunity to interact on the job, are able to do so ten times per week through employee commuter programs. This creates an enhanced sense of community and leads to better overall workplace performance.

The Logistics of Employee Shuttle Services

If you’re interested in starting an employee shuttle service program for your company, you’re going to need to do your homework before presenting it to management for a decision. To that end, here are some ideas to help you get started with the logistics of implementing the program:

  • Zip code analysis
    Get a map of your area, and plot employee’s zip codes on it to find out where concentrations of employees live. This will be crucial for planning.
  • Commuter hub planning
    Taking your map, look for logical park-and-ride hubs for your company’s program, and plot them on the map as well. Parks and school parking lots are good choices for hubs provided you have cleared permission with the respective authorities.
  • Company-wide announcements
    Propose the employee commuter shuttle service plans to the staff to gauge their interest and encourage their input.
  • Gradual rollout of the program
    If approved, rollout the program over time to fine-tune your strategy and identify potential obstacles to the program’s success.
  • Ongoing analysis and adjustments
    With the help of your employee shuttle service transportation provider, work together on an ongoing basis, and make adjustments as necessary to reduce overlapping coverage and to increase efficiency.

These are some good examples of how to get started with an employee shuttle program for your company, and as you work through the details, many more logistical hurdles will arise. With the help of a professional transportation company like Nationwide Limousine Service, you can overcome these easily. If your company is in the Bay Area and is interested in the benefits of an employee commuter program, call NLS Limo today at 800-339-8936 or contact NLS Limo here for more information. Together, we can save your company money, increase employee morale and do something positive for our environment.

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