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A Stanford employee shuttle program can be a cost-effective way to retain employees, as well as increase their productivity. And in many cases, employers can also get tax breaks via the Transportation Equity Act. Here are some aspects of a successful employee shuttle program:

  • Pick-Up Routes: Employers can establish a pick-up route, which traverses the cities and picks up employees that live in close proximity to one another.
  • Pre-Determined Stops: Shuttle stops can be established, so employees can arrive at a prescribed location and be picked-up at designated times. For instance, a 7:30 shuttle will depart Main Street and Porter. In the case of employers with a large amount of workers, we can even have several stops at the same location at a variety of designated times. When a group of your employees live in a certain building or dormitory together, this is a good way to get them all to work on time.

There are many benefits, for both your workers and you the employer. Many of these are seen, and calculable, while others are unseen, such as a general happiness of your employees, and a positive effect on the environment. Here are more benefits of an employee shuttle service.

  • Increased Productivity: Now that they can spend their morning in a relaxed atmosphere, your employees will have that much more brainspace to get their projects completed, and because they will no longer need to spend huge swaths of time driving back and forth, from company to home, they will have more time for those projects.
  • Increased Intercommunication: Every company's ideal is that their various departments will begin to work in harmony with one another as seamlessly as bees in a hive. With a shuttle service, you will begin to see this ideal become real as unique and unexpected partnerships are formed because of the ritual of a shared commute.
  • Increased Punctuality: With the NLS shuttle service, there is no more wondering whether or not people are going to show up on time, and that is always good news.

Shuttles are a low-risk high-yield investment. As opposed to other business ventures, shuttles do not take years to pay off. The rewards they give to you and your company are virtually immediate, and the initial out-of-pocket costs are entirely manageable. Furthermore, a shuttle communicates to your prospective and current employees that you care about their wellbeing, and an employee who feels cared for is an employee who will give 100% of what they have to give.

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Everyone wins with a complimentary shuttle, especially you, so call us and begin strengthening your Stanford company in ways you never knew were possible. Call NLS Limo today at 800-339-8836 for additional information about our incredible Stanford employee shuttle program.

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