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A Good Employee is Hard to Find

This is why it is so important to keep her or him when you do. Unfortunately, the best employees are always in the highest demand, and this means that they are able to do some searching around to find a situation that suits them. One of the main things that prospective employees look at when thinking about choosing one company over another is the benefit package. So, you give them a good 401K, and there is time off, and the health insurance is competitive, but you know that the other companies are likely doing the same thing. Therefore, it is important that you add something to set you apart, something that a desired employee will look at and say, "I can't pass this up."

South San Francisco employee shuttle services will differentiate you from the employer shuffle and make your company overwhelmingly appealing.

A top concern that people have when looking for a job is how much time and effort they will need to spend getting there. A job linked to a long or stressful commute is always a job that is expendable, and roadways around South San Francisco are chock full of stressful drivers. By providing an employee shuttle service, you will ensure that they never need to worry about drive times again. While the rest of the 9-5ers will be slaving away in their sedans on the freeway, your employees will be calm inside of their comfortable and quiet shuttle. And a calm employee is a productive employee.

Shuttle Services and Their Benefits

This is an important concept to remember. An employer who uses a shuttle service can expect some of the following company-wide benefits:

  • Strengthened communication between departments: A shuttle is a blank canvas for different ideas to mingle. People who may otherwise never see one another will have the opportunity to chat during the ride, and this chatter quickly becomes a brainstorming session.
  • No more late arrivals: With a shuttle, everyone gets there on time. Period.
  • Serene employees get more done: Now that they don't need to take up room in their brain to hold the anxiety caused by long commutes, your employees can dedicate more energy to their actual jobs.

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