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Businesses Benefit from Corporate Shuttles

It may not be something that you considered before, but an employee shuttle service can be a tremendous blessing for your business. Initially, the benefits might seem primarily for the employees, and you might find yourself wondering what is in it for the company at large, but a slightly closer look at the result of utilizing complimentary shuttles for your workforce will reveal the tremendous benefits.

Imagine a more satisfied, calm, and dedicated workforce…and you will be imagining your company reinvented by a shuttle service. Among the many bonuses that come with including a shuttle service as part of your employee's benefit package are:

  • Increased collaboration across different departments: It is something that more and more companies are trying to achieve, and the evidence clearly points out that companies that manage to get employees from different areas to collaborate, companies that encourage creativity across borders and boundaries, are more successful than companies that cannot achieve this goal. A shuttle is a natural place for people to interact, and it will allow people from your company who normally do not communicate with one another to begin networking.
  • Punctuality, punctuality, punctuality: Every employer knows the difficulties with trying to get all the employees to arrive when they are supposed to, and do to so in a ready-to-work condition. Being able to scrap the hellish commute via a shuttle means that your employees will arrive calm and composed, and because you get to set the arrival and departure of the shuttle, you will also ensure that your employees get there when you want them.
  • Corporate tax incentives: Tax incentives are available for businesses that qualify with environmentally friendly programs.
  • Happy employees mean a healthy company: One of the biggest negatives that people complain about with regard to their job is the distance it is from their home. Ideally, people want to live as close as possible to their job so that they can spend as much time as possible, when they are not on the clock, at home. You can help facilitate this with a shuttle service, which means that your employees will be more satisfied working for you. When your employees are satisfied, it means that they are that much more invested in making your company succeed.

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