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Redwood City Employee Shuttle Services

The Problem

Redwood City is growing, and this means that your employees will begin living further and further from your company. Maybe you don't think this is much of an issue, but did you know that proximity to a job is one of the biggest things people discuss when ranking their satisfaction with a company? Not pay, not what they're doing: how close it is to their home and how easy it is to get there. It is time to begin factoring this in if you intend on finding and keeping good employees.

The Solution

Companies across the country are beginning to adopt a new element into their benefit package: employee shuttle services. By investing in a shuttle, you are investing in the happiness of your employees, and by investing in the happiness of your employees, you are investing in the longevity of your company. If you doubt us, consider the following list of positive results a shuttle service can have for your company:

  • Punctuality: No more wondering whether or not your employees will arrive to work on time; no more perpetually late employees rushing into a meeting at the last possible minute. With a shuttle, you can be confident that all your employees will get where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.
  • A Calm Atmosphere: Driving through a city is stressful, especially when that dive is taken during rush hour. An employee shuttle will erase this stress completely. While the shuttle driver is navigating the lane shifts, your employees can occupy their minds with other concerns, and when they arrive to work they will be in top mental condition and ready to perform.
  • Unique Interactions: Have you been struggling trying to figure out how to get creative individuals from each department to communicate with one another? The shuttle will take care of that! Encased within the confines of the shuttle your employees will begin to meet one another outside of the work environment but while still in the work mentality, and this means that they will begin sharing ideas, concepts, and strategies with one another. These ideas, concepts, and strategies are the rocket fuel that will send your business to the Moon.

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