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Shuttles Increase Potential Employee Pool

More and more people are looking for jobs as close to home as possible. Nobody wants to sit through hours of traffic, nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars a year on gas, and nobody wants a workday bookended by a hellish commute. However due to the greater sprawl of cities, potential employees are living further and further away from you, the employer. How can you harness the potential of this workforce? Here is the answer: employee shuttles. Offering your employees a complimentary shuttle service with their benefits package automatically places your business at head of the pack and gives you a much greater group of potential employees to choose from.

The benefits to the employee are fantastic; the benefits to the company are enormous.

By utilizing a shuttle service, your company will experience a rejuvenating jolt to its productivity and growth. Companies who hire a shuttle service often report:

  • Greater networking across departments: A long shuttle ride is just the place for employees who otherwise would never see one another to discuss ideas and strategies to strengthen your business. Now more than ever different companies are trying to encourage inter-departmental collaboration, and a shuttle is a natural and seamless way to begin incorporating it into your business.
  • Consistent punctuality: You say when the shuttle departs, you say when it arrives. No more excuses and no more tardiness.
  • Increased employee retention: A shuttle service indicates that you care about your employees wellbeing, and this means that you will be able to more easily retain your top workers even if you are unable to pay them as much as a competing company. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

A Low-risk, High-return Investment

An employee shuttle service begins to pay off immediately after its implementation. You do not need to wait around for several years before you begin to notice the benefits of a happier workforce, greater productivity across departments, and an increased sense of community. In this day and age, with employees scattered across large swaths of land, a Bay Area employee shuttle service is almost an essential component of a successful business.

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