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2016 Beer Olympics

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 3, 2016

The Olympics are fast approaching, and all around the world people are gearing up for the frenzy of nationalism and competitiveness that will descend like a meteor onto Brazil this summer.  Those of us who are staying in San Francisco during the festivities will, of course, be gathering in small groups to watch the drama unfold on our televisions, and maybe we will wander down to a local bar to engage in the camaraderie that the Olympics invoke in us, but usually there’s not much more involvement than that.


However: for those 21 and over, there will be an event that promises to enhance your Olympic-Watching experience.  On Friday, August 5th, at the Horizon (490 Broadway St, close to where Kearny St. And Broadway intersect) you will have the chance to compete in the 2016 Beer Olympics.  Geared towards allowing people from various cultures to mingle with one another in a casual and fun environment, the Beer Olympics attract travelers from around the world who happen to be hosteling or couch-surfing in San Francisco during the event.  It’s a chance to cut loose, wear a unitard (highly encouraged) and meet new people from places you’ve only dreamed of visiting.


The night begins at 8:30pm and goes all the way until 1:30 in the morning.  During this time, you will compete with your team in games like:

  • Beer Pong

  • Flip Cup

  • Relays of various sorts


As an added bonus, during the whole time the actual 2016 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony will be showing on the bar’s televisions.


Drink specials during the Olympics include:

  • 5 Beers/5 glasses of wine for $10 (before 9:00pm)

  • $2.50 well drinks from 12:00am to 12:30am

  • $1 shot for those who RSVP on the group’s Facebook page

When you arrive, you will be assigned to a team based on your country of origin, and from there the night will quickly delve into madness and joy as you compete with your new friends against dozens of other groups.  Don’t let another Olympics go by without allowing yourself to experience the delight that is the Beer Olympics.


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Free + $2 Beers/Wine!

SF Beer Olympics: 2016 Rio Olympics Opening & Unitard Party | SF

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