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Disco and Roller Skating at Pier 39

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on September 5, 2017

San Francisco is known for many things.  Its diverse cultural representation, its vibrant arts scene, and the role it played in American counter-cultural tradition are only a few of the more storied elements from the Bay Area’s recent past.  For many visitors, the most memorable part of San Francisco are the areas like Chinatown, the Haight-Ashbury district, or Fisherman’s Wharf.  All three of these locations certainly possess unique charms, however today we want to zoom in on Fisherman’s Wharf for a fun event coming up this weekend that will be especially desirable for those who love disco and roller skating.

Fisherman’s Wharf enthusiasts will no doubt be familiar with the numerous piers along the entirety of the wharf’s stretch.  Each retaining its own distinct appeal, they alone act as a compelling reason to spend time in the Bay Area.  Earlier this year, Pier 39 in particular began receiving special focus due to the fact that it turned 39 years old!  In keeping with the numbers, Pier 39 has celebrated its 39th by spending 39 weeks creating and hosting unique events such as movie screenings, parties, wine tastings, raffles, and free giveaways.

Coming up on September 8th, Pier 39 will hold an event that outdoes all the others in terms of scope and sheer fun.  In a throwback to the year of its opening, Pier 39’s celebration will give you the opportunity to contract Saturday night fever all over again at a ‘70s style roller disco party!  From 4:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 in the evening, the disco balls will be glowing as people skate throughout the entire entrance plaza to Pier 39.  For those who need them, skates will be available to rent from the location itself, and food and drink will be available from vendors in the surrounding area.

As if the promise of roller skating and disco music weren’t enough, Pier 39 will also pair with the nearby Museum of Craft & Design in order to offer skaters the chance to make unique crafts and keepsakes.  The Museum of Craft & Design will operate its crafting booth from 5:00 until 8:00.

Although this is an entirely free event, an RSVP is required. Check out their Facebook page (Pier 39) for more information regarding this weekend and the handful of remaining celebratory events planned on the pier between now and October 14th.

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