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Polk Street Spring Wine Walk

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 17, 2017

Although we have already highlighted a number of wine events coming to the Bay Area on this blog, we solemnly swear to continue to do so until the wine events run out. Which, given the bountiful supply of vineyards in the valleys throughout California, is not likely to happen any time soon. Today, we are excited to present to you the Lower Polk Community’s 1st Annual Polk Street Spring Wine Walk. Taking place on the 13th of April, you have plenty of time to prepare for this leisurely stroll through the beautiful Polk Community’s streets, taste more of the state’s superb wines, engage in a little shopping, and have a wonderful day in general.


Co hosted by the Lower Polk Community Benefit District, the Polk District Merchants Association, and Steven Restivo Event Services Inc., the Polk Street Spring Wine Walk is a wine event that is also heavily focused on local businesses and boosting the foot traffic in the Polk District, specifically on the stretch of Polk Street that runs from Sutter to Filbert Street. Already well established as one of San Francisco’s most engaging shopping areas, this particular stretch of street has dozens of charming boutiques, specialty goods stores, cafes, restaurants, and other hidden gems. Think of the Polk Spring Wine Walk as less of a wine tasting and more of a district experience (with wine).


Tickets for this event are currently on sale for $20. Buy them now or wait until the day of, when they jump a little in price to $25, but still remain wonderfully affordable. Regardless, you will not want to miss this walk down Polk Street, where the wine vendors have rolled out the red carpets for you, offering samples of Syrahs, Malbecs, Cabernets, Pinot Noirs and Grigios, and plenty of tasty snacks to nibble on while you peruse the shops and markets in one of San Francisco’s best little gems.


Once again, this event takes place on April 13th. The walk will run from 4:00 P.M.—8:00 P.M., making it the perfect way the spend an afternoon among those you love drinking your beverage of choice: wine.




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