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Mini Cooper Whirlpool LImousine | San Francisco Travel Blog

Mini Cooper Limo Features Whirlpool

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 14, 2011

Occasionally, we like to write about custom limos that feature improbable combinations of amenities. In the past, we have talked about limos built from scraps from other limos, a custom limousine made from an airplane fuselage, custom limos with wild color schemes and many other unlikely or remarkable limousines. The custom limousine for this blog post is equally unusual and unlikely: a Mini Cooper limo that features a two-person whirlpool in the back. This custom limo transcends two unlikely limo categories. For one, it’s a limousine made from one of the smallest passenger automobiles in the world. Secondly, it features a whirlpool within a space that is best described as “cozy” for one person, much less two. Still, this custom limo is so odd that we had to write about it as we often have unusual features in some of the San Francisco limousines in our fleet.

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