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Entrepreneurs Start Commuter Bus Service in British Columbia

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 13, 2012

Two IT professionals in Vancouver, B.C., got so tired of their commute back and forth to work that they did something about it – they started their own commuter bus service for themselves and coworkers. Their new company is called Pacific Commuter and emulates the commuter bus service that Google provides its employees in the Bay Area. Chris Geoghegan and Darian Kovacs started their commuter bus service recently and have worked hard to convince coworkers that their way of getting to work is faster, less expensive, relaxing, allows them to be productive to and from the workplace and affords many other advantages to driving, taking the bus and other modes of transportation.

“This is a business we started out of frustration,” said Kovacs, who works in the same office as Geoghegan. “Chris has young children, I have a five-year-old son, we’d like to spend more time with our families. I usually leave home at 6:45 in the morning to get to work for 8:30 and I try to leave around 5:30 and I get home at 7 or 7:15. Our kids are in bed by 8 o’clock so it’s a bummer. We wanted to use that commuting time to get work done so we could spend more time at home.”

Thus far, their service has proven modestly popular. Fourteen coworkers have signed up for the service in the 42-seat luxury commuter bus, and the owners hope that they will reach 35 riders in the near future. After crunching numbers, they have determined that 35 riders is the minimum number of riders that can make their venture a success.

“We have three months to test it,” Kovacs said. “Our goal is to have 35 people by Oct. 1, but we expect we’ll have more than that and we hope to have two or three buses going by the fall. As new members come on, we’ll add different pickup times and different locations.”

Other businesses have learned about the service, and Kovacs and Geoghegan are beginning to feel that they are onto something big. “Human resources departments are going crazy over this,” said Kovacs. “They’re looking at buying packages of six to 20 for their employees. We’ll give special rates for that as well.”

If you are tired of your commute and have thought about starting a similar service in the Bay Area or you’re an employer looking at a Bay Area commuter bus service for your employees, please give us a call at 800-339-8936. We have the luxury coaches, the professional drivers, the proper licenses and insurance coverage and everything else that a San Francisco commuter bus service requires. We also provide outstanding customer service and offer our commuter bus services at very affordable prices. Intrigued? We thought so! Please call us at NLS Limo today to learn more about a commute that you’ll actually enjoy!

Custom Limousine Earns World Record as Heaviest Limo

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 4, 2011

Guinness has certified a custom limo weighing 22.7 tons and measuring 70 feet long and 13 feet high as the world’s heaviest limousine. The Midnight Rider is classified and licensed as a limousine by the state of California and features five TVs, a full bar and three lounges. Don’t look for us to add this megalimo to our fleet of San Francisco limousines in the near future. A Southern California couple owns it and rents it out for the princely sum of $1,050 per hour. That price may sound steep, and it is, but the Midnight Rider comes with a crew of five, including two chauffeurs, a bartender, a hostess and an operations specialist.

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