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Custom Limousine Earns World Record as Heaviest Limo

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 4, 2011

Guinness has certified a custom limo weighing 22.7 tons and measuring 70 feet long and 13 feet high as the world’s heaviest limousine. The Midnight Rider is classified and licensed as a limousine by the state of California and features five TVs, a full bar and three lounges. Don’t look for us to add this megalimo to our fleet of San Francisco limousines in the near future. A Southern California couple owns it and rents it out for the princely sum of $1,050 per hour. That price may sound steep, and it is, but the Midnight Rider comes with a crew of five, including two chauffeurs, a bartender, a hostess and an operations specialist.

One of Midnight Rider’s owners, Pamela Bartholomew Machado, is justifiably proud of her limousine, which she says evokes the opulence of luxury travel in earlier times despite all its technological advances. “It’s more like a traveling nightclub, even though it’s classified as a limo,” she said. “The Midnight Rider was built to bring back the feel of the days of luxury railroad travel.”

As you might guess, the Midnight Rider was many years in the making. Conceived and designed in 1986, construction began in 1997 after a few tweaks to the design to accommodate the newest amenities. This enormous limo took seven years to build and is licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission, the agency responsible for inspections and licensing of all limousines in California. It has been transporting passengers in style and comfort since 2005, and the Midnight Rider’s owners are planning to build four more megalimos. Ms. Machado said, “Each one will have a different theme, and we need coverage for the entire U.S., so we need more like the Midnight Rider.”

We may not have the world’s largest limo, at least not yet, but we’re mighty proud of the larger limousines in our Bay Area fleet, and they are some of our most popular models. Some of these larger limos include the following:

•    14-18 Passenger Deluxe Limo Luxury Van
•    21 Passenger VIP Van
•    30 Passenger VIP Corporate Coach
•    47-55 Passenger Corporate Coach

We have many other options for transporting larger groups of people comfortably and affordably. If you need a San Francisco limo bus for an upcoming event, please browse the pages of our site to see which will be the best fit for you and your group. After making your choice, please call one of our reservation specialists at 1-800-339-8936 for more information. Our Bay Area luxury group transportation options may not be the world’s heaviest, but their rates aren’t heavy either! Call NLS Limo today!

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