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Bill in Washington Senate Targets Illegal Town Car Drivers

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 5, 2011

Drivers who operate independent and illegal car services in Seattle and throughout Washington State could have a tougher time conducting business if lawmakers pass a bill currently under consideration in the state Senate. Senate Bill 5502 targets a persistent problem in Seattle with unlicensed, uninsured and unregulated drivers who pick up passengers in shiny, late-model Lincoln Town Cars. These illegal drivers siphon business from companies that operate legitimate taxi and limousine services and endanger passengers by not following state regulations.

During a February 17 hearing of the Senate Transportation committee, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Scott White, D-Seattle, had something to say about the illegal drivers. “The reason for this bill right now is the limousine industry is essentially unregulated. That brings up two issues: Both a safety issue and underground economy issue. From a safety standpoint, it’s imperative that we have people operating these small businesses who are trained, licensed and insured and operating in a proper manner out on the streets and highways of our state.”

Seattle city officials have requested that lawmakers take decisive action on the issue for the last two years. If the bill passes, the city’s Consumer Affairs Unit would enforce the new law and prosecute illegal drivers. Currently, illegal operators drive around looking for fares and transport passengers at elevated rates. However, state law requires limousine and town car drivers to prearrange fares, and limo companies are not allowed to pick up passengers randomly as the illegal drivers do. State and city officials are especially concerned about the illegal drivers’ lack of required insurance coverage. One city official said, “We know from previous research that a certain number of them don’t have any insurance. We’d like to get them off the road right away to protect the public.”

Why would the blog of a San Francisco limousine service feature an article about illegal Lincoln Town Car and limousine drivers in Washington State? The reason is that we have the same problem with illegal limo drivers right here in the Bay Area, and we are trying to raise awareness about the problem. If you are out on the town with friends and family and need a San Francisco limo, call us at 1-800-339-8936, and we’ll be happy to come and pick you up.

We are in full compliance with the California Public Utilities Commission, which oversees limo services and other transportation providers, and we carry levels of insurance coverage required by California law. Our San Francisco limo service and chauffeurs are all properly licensed. If you want to check us out, go to and enter NLS Limo, Nationwide Limousine Service or our CPUC license number, TCP-7147A. Placing the safety of our guests above all other considerations is one of the things that have made us the Bay Area’s premier limousine service. Call us today for all your San Francisco limo needs!

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