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A Volvo Limousine? Industry Watchdogs Say One is in the Works

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on September 23, 2010

For a very long time, a few household names recognized around the world have dominated the limousine manufacturing business. Names such as Lincoln, Cadillac, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Maybach, BMW and a few others come to mind as leaders in the industry. In recent years, the rising popularity of custom limousines in San Francisco and most other markets has led to some newcomers in the field such as Hummer, Ford Expeditions and Excursions, Lexus, Chrysler and other brands known more for their utility than their luxury.

However, now it appears that a new player is making plans to enter the limousine market. Volvo, the Swedish carmaker with a reputation for quality, dependability and safety, is under new ownership, and it is reportedly planning to design and build limos as part of redefining the brand. New owner Geely Holding Group, the Chinese company that bought Volvo from Ford Motor Company this summer, has its sights set on taking on the segment of the limo market now dominated by BMW’s 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz’ S-Klasse.

Geely aims to use its lower production costs to market the planned Volvo limousine as a lower-priced alternative to the pricier European models and erode their hold on the luxury business travel segment of the limo market, particularly in Europe and Asia. If Geely proceeds with these plans, it could be as long as ten years before the new limo transports its first passengers.

“These technologies are not yet ready for production, but we are evaluating them with a ten year perspective,” says Derek Crabb, Vice President Powertrain Engineering at Volvo Car Corporation. “New innovative engine and transmission technology makes this extremely low figure possible in a ten year perspective.”

If Geely produces the Volvo limousine, one advantage it will have is brand recognition, and that’s a very powerful marketing advantage as it takes years to build a brand, especially one with a reputation for quality and dependability. As we have mentioned many times, we’re crazy about all sorts of automobiles at NLS Limo and eagerly look forward to seeing the first Volvo limo model. Like Volvo, we have taken great care to build our reputation for quality and dependability so that when people think of San Francisco or Bay Area limousine rentals, they think of us first.

We work very hard to ensure that we reward their confidence in us with a wide selection of superbly maintained luxury vehicles, dependable performance and outstanding service. Rather than rest on our laurels as San Francisco’s premier limousine service, we constantly look for new ways to provide a wonderful experience for our guests at competitive prices without compromising our standards for quality and unsurpassed customer service. The next time you need a San Francisco limo service, please give us a call at 1-800-339-8936.

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