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A Chance to See the Golden State Warriors Make History

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 18, 2016

As anyone currently invested in the NBA will tell you, the Golden State Warriors were one of the top teams to watch during the season, and now that the season has ended and the playoffs are well under way, faith in the Warriors has paid off. As they advance through the finals, there are few questions more pressing than, “can Stephen Curry and Draymond Green keep working with their team to go all the way?”

The playoffs continue to be a highly contested battle, with the Oklahoma City Thunder recently taking away the clear advantage held by the Warriors to clinch the Western Conference finals. Before that game, the Warriors were the clear favorite. Afterward, the model created by Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight now gives them only 44% chance of advancing to the next round.

Does that mean that we can give up on the Warriors? Absolutely not. At this point in the season, when the outcome is truly on the line, and when each game holds clear consequences for victory or loss, the action on the court becomes ramped up to an unparalleled extreme. Regardless of what any statistician’s website says, the Warriors have still taken eight out of their last eleven games. In other words, they are in no way slumping their way towards the locker room to itch their athletes foot and wait until fall.

Six games remain between the Warriors and the Thunder, three of which will be taking place in Oakland’s Oracle Arena, the Warriors home. This means that people visiting the Bay Area have three more chances to see one of the hottest teams currently in the NBA play what might be a historical series of games.

The dates for the three remaining games the Warriors will play against the Thunder in Oakland are:

  • Wednesday, May 18th
  • Thursday, May 26th
  • Monday, May 30th

Other than a chance to watch the Warriors fight it out with the Thunder, a seat in the Oracle Arena is itself a vivacious experience. Being in a room full of sports fans as they passionately cheer for their team is a chance to glimpse one of the few moments of contemporary life where people are united in a shared love of something.

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