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Beach Blanket Babylon

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 1, 2017

On our blog we often find ourselves highlighting festivals, regional wine tours, and street fairs.  Today, however, we want to turn our travel spotlight onto something a little less time-consuming, a little more compact, and a hell-of-a-lot of fun: Beach Blanket Babylon.  

The name alone is enough to conjure up a dizzying array of images and questions, which only adds to the aura surrounding this performance.  Widely considered to be the longest running musical revue in the entire world, Beach Blanket Babylon has been performed over fifteen-thousand times, making the number of people who have seen this raucous and irreverent pop-comedy stretch beyond six million.  Those are hard numbers to fathom, and the only way to understand what it is that makes Beach Blanket Babylon such a Bay Area touchstone is to come see it for yourself.

Held at the North Beach District’s famous Club Fugazi, Beach Blanket Babylon’s influence and fame has become so legendary that the name of the street where the club is located was recently changed from Green Street to, you guessed it, Beach Blanket Babylon.  This reflects not only the deep impact that this show has had on audiences from around the world but also the tender regard with which San Francisco residents view the performance.

So, what exactly is Beach Blanket Babylon?  In a nutshell, the story is a modern retelling of Snow White.  In this version, the lovely princess wanders across the world looking for the hunky prince of her dreams.  Along the way, she runs into numerous characters and figures from contemporary pop culture.  The framework is porous enough to allow for much variation and updates every year: adding in certain figures as they become ubiquitous and ensuring that those who find themselves in the audience on any given night will turn to one another with knowing nods and shakes-of-the-head over the humorous hijinks, musical numbers, and conversations held by the easily identifiable celebrities galavanting around Club Fugazi’s brightly lit stage.

Ticket prices vary depending on the performance you wish to see, but regardless of the money spent you will not regret your time at Beach Blanket Babylon.

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