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2016 Shape Tech Expo in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 14, 2016

It is no secret that the tech world has come to consider San Francisco something of an elite headquarters. With Google, Twitter, and Facebook all within close range, it makes the city home to countless techies, coders, and designers who either work for these firms or are hoping to make it big with an enterprising startup of their own. While the negative aspects of this techno-takeover are widely being debated throughout the Bay Area’s many papers and magazines, there are also many positive elements to this situation. One of these positives is happening this Friday and Saturday (July 15th and 16th) at San Francisco’s AT&T Park: the AT&T Park Shape Tech Expo.

Individuals and families traveling through or around the Bay Area this coming weekend will want to swing by the famous AT&T Park park for their tech extravaganza. This event is geared towards people occupying all areas of the tech world, from beginners to the most seasoned programmer, and everyone can find something to make their jaw drop and their mind expand. Included in the $50 expo pass are various exhibitions, panel discussions, keynote speakers, and live music from bands such as the Silversun Pickups.

Regardless of whether you can barely operate your phone or if you speak fluent C++, the tech expo holds fascinating events that you will not want to miss. Some of the many featured sessions and goings on to expect this year include:

  • Discussions on the leadership role women have taken in many sectors of the tech industry.
  • The “Shape Challenge,” where inventors and innovators compete live in pitching ideas to a panel of experts.
  • Representatives from “Astrobotic,” a group which is looking to start offering lunar journeys to civilian consumers.
  • A lecture from the highly esteemed Ray Kurzweil on the near-future when we will become cyborgs and live forever.
  • A lecture from the director of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, Kr. Fei-Fei Li.
  • Hands-on maker sessions where Google’s Scott Jenson will lead participants through the theories and practices of integrating web design into the real world.
  • A panel discussion on the future of entertainment, including speakers such as Tastemade’s Larry Fitzgibbon and the actor/singer/director/business owner Jared Leto.
  • A Hackathon that remains free to enter and includes over $100,000 in prizes and rewards.

A mixture between networking extravaganza, technological boot-camp, and a time machine to the future, the 2016 Shape Tech Expo is an electrifying event that promises to showcase the next in cutting edge and the future of our planet.

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