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San Francisco Chinatown

Transplant Recipient Celebrates 13th Birthday With Pink Limousine Ride

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 2, 2011

A 13-year-old liver transplant recipient celebrated her birthday in a very special way recently by riding in a pink limousine with close friends and family members. Eden Darcy was born with biliary artesia, a condition in which the liver’s bile ducts are blocked, impairing the function of the liver. The young lady and her family have struggled with the disease since her diagnosis five weeks after she was born. She received a new liver in August 2005, but complications made the following weeks, months and years very difficult. Her body rejected the transplanted liver three times, requiring constant monitoring and a regimen of anti-rejection medication. In addition, she has experienced many side effects from the medication.

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San Francisco: Chinatown

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 26, 2010

San Francisco’s Chinatown needs little introduction. The Chinatown Gate is one of the city’s most iconic images, this neighborhood attracts hordes of tourists each year and there’s never a shortage of things to see and do. What the travel brochures don’t tell visitors is that there really are two Chinatowns: one is for the tourists, and the other is for those that live there. Unlike other San Francisco tourist destinations, there is no “best way” to see everything and experience the place. If you really want to experience all that Chinatown has to offer, start exploring anywhere but the Gate. By beginning your explorations from another side of the neighborhood, you’ll get to see the Chinatown that goes to work in the morning, caters to locals instead of tourists and best of all, you’ll get to taste and experience the real Chinatown.

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