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Bay Area Limo Rental Company | San Francisco Travel Blog

D.C. Commission Reduces Cost of Limousine Permits for Obama Inauguration

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 9, 2012

After receiving sharp criticism from area limousine services with reservations for the upcoming Obama inauguration, the District of Columbia Taxicab Commission has backed down from plans to require out-of-town limos to obtain a $500 permit. The commission lowered the permit price to a much more affordable $150 recently after the price hike outraged limo companies that had already signed contracts with clients that included the $125 limo permit required for the last inauguration. The limousine services only learned of the price hike in mid-November, well after many clients had made reservations. They howled that the commission was implementing the price hike much too late to plan accordingly and that passing along the additional $350 to clients would outrage their clients.

"I’m speechless," said the manager of one limo service in suburban Washington. "That’s over the top. That’s stiff. That’s very stiff."

"I’m not shocked by anything that they will do," said the owner of another limousine service. "They… have no idea what they are doing."

The commission says that the $150 limo permit will be in effect for a four-day period around the January 21 inauguration, a much smaller time frame than the 30 to 45 days the $500 permit allowed. Limo companies claimed that the additional time did them or their clients little good since the inauguration only occurs on one day. As you might guess, a presidential inauguration is a very big event for limousine companies. Around 10,000 limos and other for-hire vehicles obtained permits from the commission for the last inauguration, netting the district around $1.2 million in revenue.

Commission spokesman Neville Waters told reporters that the commission reconsidered the price hike after receiving "input from the marketplace," calling their change in policy “a dynamic process.”

Since we own and operate our own limousine service here in the Bay Area, we can only assume that the dynamics to which Mr. Waters refers involved unpleasant phone calls from limo companies and tersely worded correspondence from their attorneys. The price hike that the commission tried to implement was not only ill-timed; it was also very ill-advised and would have been very damaging to these businesses if it had not been rescinded. They would have had to choose between absorbing the $350 cost or passing it along to their clients, neither of which is an attractive option.

If you’re looking for attractive San Francisco limousine options for an upcoming special event, you have definitely come to the right place! We simply offer the best Bay Area limo experience for the best rates in the area and go above and beyond to ensure that each of our guests has a wonderful time. If you need a San Francisco limousine, party bus, SUV limo or other luxury transportation for a special occasion, just give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936 today to receive the presidential treatment!

New Range Rover Promises to Be “World’s Finest Luxury SUV”

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 30, 2012

Range Rover is now on its fourth generation of luxury sports utility vehicles, and the latest version breaks new ground in SUV composition and performance in a number of ways. The new SUV is much lighter (39 percent) due to an all aluminum monocoque body structure that reduces weight by nearly 1,000 pounds. The lighter weight makes the new SUV faster off the line and much more nimble when maneuvering through urban or off-road terrain, as well as improving fuel economy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The lighter body is grafted to a new aluminum chassis that features an independent air suspension for each wheel that delivers performance without sacrificing comfort. Early reviewers say that the steering on the new SUV has a more natural, intuitive feel than earlier Range Rover models, which significantly reduces body roll when cornering at speed.

Land Rover Global Brand Director John Edwards was effusive in his praise of the new SUV.

He said, “The new Range Rover preserves the essential, unique character of the vehicle – that special blend of luxury, performance and unmatched all-terrain capability. However, its clean sheet design and revolutionary lightweight construction have enabled us to transform the experience for luxury vehicle customers, with a step change in comfort, refinement and handling.”

The new SUV features some new refinements for the cabin as well. The windshield and door windows are coated with an acoustic laminate, which, along with the new lighter chassis and body, significantly reduces wind and road noise. The brochure describes the interior as “sumptuous,” a term that may well be accurate, given the SUV’s real wood veneers, plush leather seating, enhanced legroom and a wealth of other creature comforts.

The new Range Rover is available with a supercharged V8 gasoline motor, or buyers can also choose from the TDV6 and SDV8 diesel engines. Range Rover is currently taking orders for their new SUV model and expects to begin delivering them in early 2013.

Color us intrigued! We do not yet offer any Range Rover models in our fleet of San Francisco luxury SUV rentals, but the new model has certainly earned our full attention. The improved performance and gas mileage make this a very tempting addition to the Cadillacs, Lincolns, Denalis and other luxury sports utility vehicles in our fleet. If you’re thinking about renting a Bay Area luxury SUV for an upcoming trip and want the best selection at the best rates, just give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936 to reserve yours today!

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