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San Francisco Neighborhood Guide: Deco Ghetto

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 20, 2010

If the name “Deco Ghetto” seems more off-putting than enticing, then this funky, weird and eclectic San Francisco neighborhood may surprise you. Deco Ghetto, also called the Hub and Mid-Market depending on your demographic and how long you’ve lived in San Francisco, is a part of the city very much in transition. What were once empty storefronts are now trendy cafes, bars, coffee shops and trendy shops selling all sorts of things. The neighborhood derives its name from the profusion of furniture stores in the area selling, you guessed it, Art Deco furniture. Drawn to the area by cheap rents and a new crop of homeowners seeking nouveau home furnishings without the nouveau sticker shock, furniture retailers here have thrived, and the new name evolved with the neighborhood.

The nearly completed Octavia Boulevard project, which has widened the street and added trees as well as a new freeway off ramp onto Market Street, is fueling the growth of the Deco Ghetto. Retailers in the neighborhood are also eagerly anticipating other projects slated for the area that will add more retail space, parks and affordable housing. The best way to experience Deco Ghetto (or any other neighborhood) is to get out and walk its main thoroughfares. In this case, that means Market, Valencia, Octavia (when the construction is over) and Guerrero.

Stroll these bustling streets, and you’ll see the aforementioned furniture stores along with tattoo parlors, dive bars, not-so-dive bars, art galleries, used record stores, book stores, specialty food stores and, of course, plenty of good places to eat! For al fresco dining and people-watching, consider a stop at DeLessio at Market and Valencia. Primarily a breakfast and lunch joint, DeLessio serves comfort food and homemade desserts that are pretty much guaranteed to derail diets, and they’re worth the derailment!

On Market and Octavia, It’s Tops is a coffee shop that features a dining experience like the one your parents and grandparents enjoyed in the last century. Formica countertops trimmed in stainless steel and stools covered in vinyl support diners digging into homemade onion rings (not to be missed), milkshakes, liver and onions (if you’re into that sort of thing), burgers, good breakfast fare and all the other menu denizens of diners in the 50s.

There are many other good places to eat in the Ghetto at prices ranging from neighborhood-friendly to if-you-gotta-ask-forget-about-it and all points in-between. However, after a day of strolling, people-watching, shopping and experiencing this unique neighborhood, your feet are going to insist that you seek another mode of transportation. When your feet say “No” but your inner traveler says “But I’m not done yet!” call NLS Limo at 1-800-339-8936. We have the Bay Area’s best selection of luxury vehicles, and they are all available at rates that can easily fit into your travel budget. When a bottle of wine or champagne and sightseeing in comfort sounds like a fine idea, just give us a call and then find out for yourself why we have become the premier San Francisco limousine service!

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