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Top 5 Bay Area Companies That Use Employee Shuttles

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on September 23, 2015

Are you a Bay Area employer or a member of upper management involved in hiring? Whether you work in the field of technology or healthcare, apparel or aerospace, we know that you’re looking to hire the best and the brightest and to retain your star employees and colleagues, as well. Impressive benefits packages play a significant role in attracting and retaining top employees, and in urban San Francisco and beyond, employee shuttle programs are increasingly popular.

Whether you hire from an international pool, including professionals who might be concerned about the unknowns of commuting within California traffic, or employees who have lived in the greater Bay Area for decades, employee shuttle programs are an ideal response to transportation concerns. Moreover, these services set companies apart as employers who care about healthy work-life balances.

Which Bay Area Businesses Offer Employee-Sponsored Transportation?

Leading Northern California employers are aware of the benefits of employee shuttles. Here are five local leaders in home-to-office and inter-office transportation offerings:

  • Since 2007, Apple, based in Cupertino, has been offering employee shuttle services, which include twelve stops in San Fran proper and over a dozen more in the surrounding areas such as Berkeley, Fremont, and Oakland. Wireless allows employees to work during the drive, or, if they’d prefer, they may relax and unwind… or brainstorm with their colleagues!
  • Google’s shuttle bus offerings are equally impressive. Over three hundred vans go to and from multiple Bay Area counties bringing employees to their San Francisco, San Bruno, and Mountain View locations. Over 4,000 employees use these services.
  • In Walnut Creek, a smaller employer, ISSi, or Integrated Science Solutions, Inc., has implemented employee shuttle services, proving that these programs are ideal for companies of all sizes. While this employer mostly focuses on subsidizing public transit and allowing employees to telecommute when possible, they offer emergency rides home to those in need who have carpooled or taken public transportation to the office.
  • Of course, these days, everyone is familiar with Yahoo!, who has a reputation for working with employees to create and maintain comfortable work-life balances. For example, the company offers on-site bicycle repair and even a dental office. Additionally, their commuter shuttles are free to their employees. They include wi-fi, and they run between local offices as well as to and from greater Bay Area locations.
  • Chevron, based in San Ramon, California, does something similar. Shuttles run between the office and the BART stations in Walnut Creek and Dublin. Their California-based employee transportation programs have been extremely successful, so much so that they’ve initiated some of these benefits in their Louisiana and Texas locations, as well.

According to transportation surveys and workplace feedback, employee-sponsored transportation is more important to the prospective California employee than ever before. These five booming Bay Area companies – Apple, Google, ISSi, Yahoo!, and Chevron – offer shuttle services. Have you considered doing the same?

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