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Sophistication Meets Security in Armored Maybach Guard

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 12, 2011

World business and political leaders wanting the newest and latest in comfort and security presented Maybach engineers with a challenge. The challenge was to build a luxury limousine befitting a head of state that also includes security features often found in armored personnel carriers. It appears that Maybach’s engineers were up to the task as the Maybach Guard made its debut near company headquarters in Sindelfingen, Germany.

The new Maybach Guard is virtually indistinguishable from the Maybach 62 saloon (the platform from which the Guard is built) from the outside. However, a glimpse under the hood and in the passenger compartment and a closer inspection all around reveals some very important security features that add only another 900 or so pounds to the 62’s weight. Each of the Guard’s body panels is made of highly specialized steel and high-tech Kevlar, a big part of the car’s ability to have a lot of security without sacrificing handling and performance.

Early reports claim that the Guard handles as well as the 62 saloon as it was already over-engineered to handle the extra weight. Maybach reports that it has made no changes to the braking system, drive train or suspension. It boasts that the Guard is the world’s only luxury armored vehicle to attain speeds of 155 miles per hour and be able to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in an astonishing 5.7 seconds. Armored or not, that’s a very respectable getaway speed.

Maybach reports that the Guard offers nearly the same range of standard and optional features offered on the 62 saloon, and owners can expect the same comfort and luxurious ride found in other Maybach models.

All we can say is, “Wow.” We predict that Maybach will soon have enough orders for the Guard to keep their artisan craftsmen busy for a very long time. We don’t offer any armored limousines in our fleet of Bay Area limo rentals, but, as unapologetic car enthusiasts, we’re constantly following developments in the limousine industry, armored or not! The good news is that you don’t have to be a business tycoon or head of state to be treated like one! Simply call us at 1-800-339-8936, and ask about our huge selection of luxurious Bay Area limousines. Call NLS Limo today, and receive the royal treatment from the premier San Francisco limo service!

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