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Rolls-Royce Launches New Program for Pre-Owned Rolls Luxury Automobiles

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 24, 2011

After struggling to find a way to entice buyers of pre-owned Rolls-Royce automobiles and address their concerns about each vehicle’s provenance, the venerable luxury carmaker has finally found a solution. To certify ownership and allay the fears of prospective buyers, Rolls has set up a program called, fittingly, Provenance that will provide quality control and extended warranty coverage for most models. The company had deliberately avoided meddling in the secondary Rolls-Royce market out of concern about the negative connotations of the terms “pre-owned” or “used car.” However, after reviewing the idea and hearing from customers, they reconsidered their position and now call Provenance their “approved programme for pre-owned cars.”

Pre-owned car certification is now a standard practice with almost all carmakers, and, although the luxury segment of the industry has resisted it, many now embrace it as an important part of brand building. Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and BMW have introduced similar programs in recent years, and traceability and maintenance guarantees are now becoming standard. The Provenance program will only apply to Rolls-Royce vehicles sold in the company’s official network of 81 dealers worldwide, and it involves very strict control of each vehicle’s history.

Each pre-owned Rolls in the program comes with a 24-month guarantee on parts and labor and 24 months of unlimited assistance in the unlikely event that a Rolls-Royce should have a mechanical problem of any kind.

“Every pre-owned Rolls-Royce motor car must reach the highest possible standards to be part of Rolls-Royce Provenance. Only after it has completed a series of rigorous checks will it be available for purchase. Our dealership staff are on hand to take you through the whole process – from advising on which models are available to assisting you in adding optional accessories or bespoke items,” said Grant Wilson, the brand’s Sales Support Manager.

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