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New Powers for Vehicle Safety Agency in England to Crack Down on Illegal Limousines

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 19, 2010

Law enforcement officials with England’s Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) have new powers in their efforts to crack down on illegal limousines. Previously, VOSA officers had to wait for police to pull over limos they suspected were operating illegally. The new provisions allow VOSA officers to deal with suspected illegal limos without having to wait for police assistance. Like many other places, England has been having problems with illegal limousines operated by unlicensed companies and driven by unlicensed drivers.

A VOSA official lauded the new rules, saying, “If our roads are to remain among the safest in the world, we need to make sure that the drivers and vehicles on our roads are fit to be there. VOSA’s work is vital in keeping dangerous vehicles and drivers off the road. The measures I am announcing today will make sure that rogue operators have nowhere to hide by ensuring that VOSA inspectors across Great Britain have all the powers they need to stop vehicles that may pose a threat to road safety. The new powers will also free up police time as VOSA will be able to operate more independently.”

Why are we talking about illegal limos in the United Kingdom? The answer is because we have a similar problem with illegal limos here in San Francisco. Unscrupulous and illegal San Francisco limousine services are a recurring problem as they put people’s lives at risk and operate outside of the rules and regulations that we and other ethical, professional Bay Area limo companies must follow. Every once in a while, an article is published locally about an illegal limo that picks up partying individuals and one or more of them is robbed, assaulted or worse. Sure, you can save a few bucks by hiring a San Francisco limousine from one of these fly-by-night outfits, but you’re asking for trouble, and here’s why:

  • Unlicensed limos and unlicensed drivers
  • No insurance
  • No required maintenance
  • Dangerously overcrowded vehicles
  • You are putting your life in the hands of criminals

NLS Limo and other legal San Francisco limo companies must have insurance, must only hire licensed chauffeurs, must meet regular vehicle inspections and must operate their vehicles and businesses under California livery laws. We must abide by the rules of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Public Utilities Commission and several other official state agencies. In short, our employees and vehicles must meet very stringent standards before we can even think about transporting a client. So, the next time you want to hire a San Francisco limousine or party bus, make sure that you’re doing business with a limousine service that takes your safety very seriously. Call NLS Limo at 1-800-339-8936 to reserve a legal Bay Area limo driven by a fully licensed and carefully screened chauffeur. Plus, you’ll be supporting the right kind of locally owned and operated business!

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