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Limousine Made from Scraps on Sale for a Cool Million

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 24, 2010

A giant limousine made from scrap pieces of more than 40 cars, limos and other vehicles from all over the world that took more than ten years to make is for sale in Florida if you have an extra million dollars laying around. The huge limousine is called the Finnjet. It is 22 feet long and weighs in at 7,500 pounds. The limo accommodates up to ten people in relative comfort and features several common limo amenities and other one-of-a-kind amenities found only in this one-of-a-kind custom limo.

The current owner, Antti Rahko, a Finnish entrepreneur, built the limousine himself, primarily using the bodies of two Mercedes-Benz luxury cars welded together. Bits and pieces of other cars adorn the limo, which sports at least eight headlights, multiple outside rear-view mirrors, three axles, rails, flags, lights and, of course, fins.

Inside, the Finnjet features standard limo amenities such as air conditioning, televisions and an audio system as well as unorthodox amenities including a microwave, freezer, stove and, wait for it, a sauna. The Finnjet features three separate batteries to provide energy to the kitchen appliances and other amenities. Mr. Rahko has been using the limo as an airport shuttle and claims that it is very roadworthy and reliable as he has used it to travel from Florida to Canada and back every year.

After Rahko immigrated to the States from Finland in 1984, he scoured junkyards for old parts and built the limousine himself over a period of ten years.

“It’s nice to meet people in this car. You always get happy faces. The reason I am selling is that I am now over 70 years old and a little sick. I am feeling that I can’t keep up with these cars anymore. It has been a lot of joy building this car, and it has a lot of memories for me. The car has won all competitions it has been in.”

Mr. Rahko has listed the Finnjet on eBay for $964,000.

All our San Francisco limos are custom made to our specifications and with amenities that our clients request, but this fellow has taken custom limousines to a whole new level. If you are planning a special event and would like to rent one of our custom Bay Area limousines, please call us today at 1-800-339-8936. We don’t have anything like the Finnjet, but we do have many different San Francisco limousines in our fleet from which to choose.

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