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“Green” Limo Service Ordered to Pay Tips to Chauffeurs

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 8, 2010

A court has ordered an environmentally friendly limo service based in Cambridge, MA to pay its chauffeurs $75,000 in a lawsuit settlement. PlanetTran, a limo rental service in the Boston area, apparently cared more about establishing its “green” credibility than it did about paying its drivers an entirely different kind of green, the tips the chauffeurs had earned by transporting the limo service’s guests.

The drivers filed a class-action lawsuit against the limo rental service, claiming that PlanetTran had violated state law by collecting tips and keeping them instead of disbursing them to drivers.   One of the limo service’s drivers, Edward Morgan, filed the lawsuit in 2009 on behalf of himself and other PlanetTran drivers, asserting that the limo service failed to follow Massachusetts tips law. The lawsuit filed in Middlesex Superior Court contended that PlanetTran included the tip as a standard service charge on invoices to all its clients, but failed to pass them along to the chauffeurs.

Drivers who worked for the limo service from March 1, 2005 through April 30, 2010 are eligible for a share of the settlement based on how many make claims and how many trips they drove for the limo service.   Peter Lagorio, attorney for the chauffeurs, had little to say as the terms of the settlement include a confidentiality clause, which prevents him or the drivers from discussing any aspect of the case. PlanetTran released a brief statement regarding the settlement in which it denied any wrongdoing on the company’s part.

Like any other industry, the actions of a few unlawful or unethical companies can cast others in the industry in an unfavorable light and skew public perception. The limo rental business is no exception. We hear from prospective clients every day who ask pointed questions about our service, reliability and professionalism. It’s no wonder that they do as there are some limo services in San Francisco cited by city and state officials for operating without a license or insurance and other legal problems. Many of these prospective clients have heard stories about limousines that show up late or fail to show up at all. Some have experienced this firsthand.

We would like to point out that these incidents are aberrations, and the overwhelming majority of San Francisco limo services are ethical, dependable and put the needs and safety of their clients above all other considerations. At NLS Limo, we believe that competing with other Bay Area limo companies is good for business and our clients. Competition keeps prices fair for our clients, inspires us to constantly explore new ways to provide a better experience for our guests and ultimately makes us better at what we do. The next time you need a limo service in the San Francisco area, give us a call at 1-800-339-8936 and find out for yourself why we are the Bay Area’s premier limo service. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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