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San Francisco Bay Area Summertime Sightseeing Tours

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 5, 2024

The San Francisco Bay Area is a treasure trove of scenic vistas, historic landmarks, and cultural experiences. As the summer sun bathes the region in its golden glow, there’s no better way to explore this vibrant area than with the comfort and elegance of luxury ground transportation. Here at Nationwide Limousine Service, we offer a wide variety of curated sightseeing tours and day trips that promise to make your summertime excursions unforgettable.

San Francisco City Tours: Discovering the Heart of the Bay

San Francisco, known for its iconic skyline and steep rolling hills, is a city that beckons to be explored. NLS Limo provides luxurious city tours that cover all the must-see landmarks and hidden gems. In the comfort of a high-end vehicle, you can traverse the city’s famous hills and bustling neighborhoods.


  • Golden Gate Bridge: No visit to San Francisco is complete without a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy breathtaking views and photo opportunities as you cross this architectural marvel.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf: This bustling waterfront area is famous for its seafood, shops, and the playful sea lions at Pier 39.
  • Alcatraz Island: While you can’t drive to Alcatraz, your tour can include a ferry ride to this historic prison island, offering a fascinating glimpse into its notorious past.
  • Chinatown: Explore the vibrant streets of one of the oldest and largest Chinatowns in North America.
  • Lombard Street: Experience the twists and turns of the “crookedest street in the world.”
  • Painted Ladies: Admire the charming Victorian houses with the city skyline as a backdrop, a quintessential San Francisco view.

Wine Country Tours: A Taste of Napa Valley and Sonoma County

For wine enthusiasts, the Napa Valley and Sonoma County are synonymous with world-class wineries and picturesque vineyards. NLS Limo offers exclusive wine country tours that cater to your tastes and preferences, ensuring a luxurious and memorable experience.


  • Private Tastings and Vineyard Tours: Enjoy private tastings at some of the region’s most renowned wineries. Learn about the winemaking process and savor exquisite wines in beautiful settings.
  • Gourmet Lunch or Picnic: Indulge in a gourmet lunch or picnic amidst the vineyards, pairing fine cuisine with excellent wines.
  • Boutique and Large Wineries: Visit a mix of boutique wineries, known for their unique, small-batch wines, and larger estates with grand tasting rooms and extensive vineyards.

Monterey and Carmel Day Trips: Coastal Charm and Natural Beauty

The coastal towns of Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and quaint charm. A day trip with NLS Limo allows you to relax and enjoy the stunning drive down California’s famous Highway 1.


  • 17-Mile Drive: This scenic drive offers spectacular coastal views, passing through Del Monte Forest and famous golf courses.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium: Explore the wonders of marine life at this world-renowned aquarium, a favorite for visitors of all ages.
  • Cannery Row: Stroll through this historic waterfront district, now home to shops, restaurants, and attractions.
  • Carmel-by-the-Sea: Wander the charming streets of Carmel, known for its art galleries, boutiques, and fairy-tale cottages.

Muir Woods and Sausalito Tours: Majestic Redwoods and Waterfront Charm

For nature lovers, a visit to Muir Woods National Monument and the charming town of Sausalito offers a refreshing escape from the city. Nationwide Limousine Service provides a luxurious way to explore these serene destinations.


  • Muir Woods National Monument: Walk among the ancient coastal redwoods, some of the tallest trees in the world. The serene atmosphere and towering trees make for a peaceful retreat.
  • Sausalito: After your forest adventure, enjoy the waterfront charm of Sausalito. This picturesque town offers stunning views of the bay, unique shops, and delightful dining options.

Silicon Valley Tours: The Epicenter of Innovation

Silicon Valley, the global center of technology and innovation, is a fascinating destination for tech enthusiasts and curious minds. NLS Limo offers tours that provide a glimpse into the world of cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurship.


  • Tech Company Headquarters: Visit the campuses of tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Facebook. Experience the unique cultures and innovations that drive these companies.
  • Stanford University: Explore the beautiful campus of one of the world’s leading universities, known for its academic excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Computer History Museum: Delve into the history of computing and technology at this informative and interactive museum.

Santa Cruz Day Trips: Sun, Surf, and Scenic Beauty

Santa Cruz, with its laid-back vibe and beautiful coastline, is a perfect destination for a relaxed day trip. NLS Limo ensures you travel in comfort and style, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.


  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: This iconic seaside amusement park offers fun rides, games, and classic boardwalk treats.
  • Surfing Spots: Watch surfers ride the waves or try it yourself at one of the many popular surf spots along the coast.
  • Scenic Coastal Views: Enjoy the stunning coastal views and natural beauty that Santa Cruz is famous for.

Point Reyes National Seashore: A Natural Wonderland

Point Reyes National Seashore is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With NLS Limo, you can explore this diverse and breathtaking landscape in luxury and comfort.


  • Hiking Trails: Discover a variety of hiking trails that offer stunning views of the coastline, forests, and rolling hills.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Point Reyes is home to a rich array of wildlife, including elk, seals, and numerous bird species.
  • Historic Point Reyes: Visit the historic Point Reyes Lighthouse and learn about the area’s maritime history.

Why Choose Nationwide Limousine Service?

Nationwide Limousine Service stands out for its commitment to providing exceptional service and luxury transportation. Here are a few reasons why we are the ideal choice for your Bay Area sightseeing tours and day trips:

  • Luxury Vehicles: We offer a fleet of high-end vehicles, including limousines, luxury sedans, SUVs, and party buses, ensuring a comfortable and stylish ride.
  • Professional Chauffeurs: Experienced and knowledgeable chauffeurs provide excellent service, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.
  • Customized Tours: We offer customizable tour packages tailored to your interests and preferences, providing a personalized experience.
  • Convenience: From door-to-door service to flexible scheduling, we take care of all the logistics, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip.

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Exploring the San Francisco Bay Area in the summertime is a delightful experience, made even more enjoyable with the luxury and convenience provided by Nationwide Limousine Service. Whether you’re discovering the vibrant streets of San Francisco, sipping wine in Napa Valley, or marveling at the natural beauty of Point Reyes, NLS Limo ensures your journey is as memorable as the destination. For additional information, please contact us today at (800) 339-8936!

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