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San Francisco International Beer Festival


Although it has been a staple of various civilizations for hundreds (may we even say thousands?) of years, only recently has the world seen an explosion of interest in beer. This interest crosses boundaries of cultures, classes, genders, religions, and almost every other divide created by humans to segregate ourselves from one another.  Simply put, beer unites us in a common love.  What better place, therefore, than San Francisco, one of the most notoriously love-filled cities in the world, to celebrate beer?  This April 8th, from 7:00pm until 10:00pm, the Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion will be the location of the San Francisco International Beer Festival, a can’t-miss event that will draw on breweries from around the world to offer you a one-of-a-kind beer tasting experience. Read the rest »

26th Annual Union Street Spring Celebration and Easter Parade

Looking for a spring festival for the whole family?  Then consider the 26th Annual Union Street Spring Celebration and Easter Parade!  For almost three decades, this colorful and life-affirming event has drawn families from across the city and beyond to join in one of the most exciting and vibrant of celebrations.  Representatives from the many diverse cultures that call San Francisco home will be on hand to add their own unique flavor to this grand event which will include things like: Read the rest »

Spending the Easter Holiday in San Francisco

Planning on spending your Easter holiday in the City by the Bay? If so, in addition to the hundreds of other events, sites and things to do – there’s a whole menu of special Easter-themed activities happening. One event you definitely don’t want to miss is the annual Union Street Spring Celebration and Easter Parade.  Read the rest »

50th Annual Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

Among the many cultures who have come to call San Francisco home, the heritage from Japan is one of the most storied, rich, and colorful.  Every year, this fact is celebrated during the annual Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, when visitors and residents alike gather together in Japantown to enjoy traditional Japanese cooking, crafts, music, dancing, and other magnificent events.  This year, the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates 50 glorious years of calling San Francisco its home, and to ring in this half-a-century, all the stops have been pulled in the lineup of performers, the booths selling original Japanese wares, crafts, and artworks, and the extravagant parade which kicks the entire festival off to a riotous start. Read the rest »

60th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival

Springtime is when cities across America begin to roll out their red carpets, dim the lights, and begin the celebration of film in the form of festivals that can stretch from an evening to an entire week.  Usually, these festivals present movies that have not yet received distribution (which means that you can’t rent them on Amazon, can’t see them at the local AMC, and can’t buy them), movies that might become the year’s Next Big Hit, movies that you might literally never have the chance to see again. Read the rest »

Flavor! Napa Valley

Over the course of the past century, Napa Valley has routinely proven itself to hold as much potential for great wines as anywhere else in the world. In fact, it is now common knowledge that the best wines grown in this fertile California region easily rival the best wines grown throughout Italy and France.   Read the rest »

20th Annual Sonoma International Film Festival

Cinema and San Francisco are no strangers to one another.  Many of the world’s best and brightest filmmakers, stars, and enthusiasts hail from this great and wonderful city, and many continue to call it home.  Perhaps it is the picturesque bay, a great counterpoint to the heat and sand of LA, or perhaps it is simply the rich culture that San Francisco fosters that attracts these movie magicians.  Either way, when it comes to film, San Francisco has its finger on the pulse. Read the rest »

Beach Blanket Babylon

On our blog we often find ourselves highlighting festivals, regional wine tours, and street fairs.  Today, however, we want to turn our travel spotlight onto something a little less time-consuming, a little more compact, and a hell-of-a-lot of fun: Beach Blanket Babylon.   Read the rest »

San Francisco Giants Season at AT&T Park

With the end of the Winter and the coming of Spring visitors (and residents) of San Francisco can look forward to any number of different things. The warmer weather for certain, the blooming flowers, the softened breezes, and, of course, the return of the San Francisco Giants to AT&T Park for their 2017 season. Read the rest »

166th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade

We told you about the Mardi Gras events, so now it is only reasonable that we move on to the next day of drinking and good cheer heralded across the country: St. Patrick’s Day! In many ways, St. Patrick’s day is the true harbinger of spring, which is why so many people let themselves go, dress absurdly, and turn their personal volume knobs way, way up as they meander through the streets wearing emerald green and sporting shamrocks in their top hats. Read the rest »

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