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San Francisco Map Fair at The Lodge

There is something about old maps that stirs us deep within.  Seeing a drawing of a now familiar land mass rendered unusual due to the lack of contemporary structures, seeing a drawing that is meant to convey a comprehensive image of a place rather than a functional series of directions on how to make it from point A to point B by taking the fastest root causes us to feel a sense of possibility that, quite frankly, few modern experiences can recreate.   Read the rest »

22nd Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

Bibliophiles know that the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall is the season for book fairs. From New York to Berlin, the shorter days and the colder nights encourage people of all sorts to stay indoors and curl up on the couch with a good piece of literature (or maybe just something to take your mind off of the woes of the world). Read the rest »

Disco and Roller Skating at Pier 39

San Francisco is known for many things.  Its diverse cultural representation, its vibrant arts scene, and the role it played in American counter-cultural tradition are only a few of the more storied elements from the Bay Area’s recent past.  For many visitors, the most memorable part of San Francisco are the areas like Chinatown, the Haight-Ashbury district, or Fisherman’s Wharf.   Read the rest »

7th Annual Bay Area Blues Festival

Longtime residents of the Bay Area might recall two end-of-summer festivals that have long been favorites for fans of street fairs and live music.  We are referring to The Downtown Martinez Italian Street Painting Festival and the Polk Street Blues Festival (the latter of which was held in San Francisco, along (surprise!) Polk Street).  Operating independently of one another, these two events brought in thousands of visitors to the Bay Area, giving an audience to scores of painters as well as musicians during the weekends of their operation. Read the rest »

26th Annual SF Fringe Festival

Theatergoers will no doubt be familiar with the famous Fringe Festival that takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland.  A watershed moment in global theatrical production, every year the Fringe Festival attracts some of the best and most cutting edge producers of theater, comedy, music, and performances of an unclassifiable sort to its roster, and every year those who attend the Fringe Festival come away knowing that they had the opportunity to see something that will soon change the art world’s landscape forever. Read the rest »

Oktoberfest by the Bay

Fall is coming!  For many people, the most magical, restorative, and calming time of the year, Autumn is a season that distributes its unique peace over us even as its colors and temperatures are harbingers of death.  Maybe it is its role as the last hurrah before the cold months of winter that gives Fall its appeal, or maybe it’s just the knowledge that the holidays are coming, but either way there is no denying that the season possess something uncanny within its limits. Read the rest »

2017 Garlic Festival (AKA: Summer’s Ultimate Food Fair)

Love food? Of course you do!  How about garlic?  As most foodies will agree, garlic is one of the most essential and delicious of all ingredients, key to the success of countless recipes, and, despite its diminutive size, a true giant in the world of edibles.  To celebrate this popular vegetable, the community of Gilroy transforms their beautiful Christmas Hill Park into the location of Garlic Festival, also known by its subtitle, “Summer’s Ultimate Food Fair.”  Read the rest »

First Fridays in Oakland

First Fridays exist throughout the country as a chance for cities to showcase unique art in a fun, relaxing, and community oriented atmosphere. Everywhere First Fridays are held, the art community of that city comes together in one brilliant evening of creativity. Oakland, a hotbed of artistic activity, is already a top destination for those trying to find the current pulse of the American creative class. It should therefore come as no surprise that Oakland’s First Fridays are some of the funkiest, most exciting, and most essential First Fridays out of them all. Read the rest »

NLS Limo Receives Best of San Francisco 2017 Award in Transportation

In one of the more anticipated moments of every San Francisco resident’s summer, the 17th annual Best of San Francisco Magazine is about to hit newsstands. Every year, Modern Luxury puts together a list of the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, comedians, writers, parks, bookstores, and much more and publishes this list in its Best of San Francisco Magazine. The winners in each category are chosen after a rigorous research period from the magazine, and receiving a Best of San Francisco award is one of the highest levels markers of success that the Bay Area can bestow on any individual or company.

Read the rest »

10th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Market at the Fort Mason Pavilion

In keeping with our last post, we are going to continue highlighting festivals in the Bay Area that primarily feature art and crafts by local vendors instead of exploring any specific culture or unique traditions (although, one could argue that, rather than ignoring the wealth of cultural traditions and experiences permitting San Francisco, these art fairs instead offer a moment for every one of these traditions to sing together in a beautiful chorus of multiculturalism). Today, we turn our attention to another art festival happening this weekend.

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