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39th Annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

Dance, like music, is a universal language.  No words are needed to accompany the movement of bodies on a stage.  Whatever our cultural background, whatever our life experience, dance exists as a powerful signifier of the human spirit and its potential.  Few events recognize this power like the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.  Now headed into its 39th year, the SFEDF has been highly praised by such outlets as The New York Times as being one of the most compelling annual dance events in the country.  Visitors to San Francisco in the early weeks of June have the opportunity to experience for themselves this magical cultural event.  Read the rest »

Union Street Music Festival

The Union Street Festival is back, bigger and better than ever before, ready to thrill you and fill you with great food, marvelous handmade crafts, delicious beer, and so, so much more. In order to show just how much more than just a street fair this year’s Union Street Festival will be, the organizers have even rebranded the entire event as the Union Street Music Festival.  This means that in addition to all the usual offerings that one can find at the festival, this year’s production will also include some of the Bay Area’s best musicians performing at numerous small stages all around the event’s location. Read the rest »

Oakland Coffee Shop Creates Community

Coffee is a staple of most American’s days. Whether you take it black in the morning, or iced in the afternoon after work. Oakland has a unique take on the ancient drink that is aiming to help build a community and provide good jobs to Bay Area residents. Bay area native Keba Konte co-founded Guerilla Café in North Berkeley in 2005. He has a background as an artist and an activist. The focus was to source coffee from Blue Bottle and produce from local farms. Being a very compassionate man, he also wanted to make sure that he was providing good jobs for young and diverse employees. Read the rest »

Walking Tours

San Francisco is a town full of iconic locations that everybody knows of. You pay a bunch of money to go on a bog standard tour of the city that may get you some nice photos, but almost no actual knowledge of the city and it’s history. If you’re looking for deep insight and lore, you might want to check out San Francisco City Guides. They provide walking tours of the city that may show you something the other companies can’t provide you. Read the rest »

Peace, Love, and Music

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Summer Of Love. 1967 was a high point for the counterculture movement of the Boomer generation. San Francisco became an outpost for the youth of the day, a place where they could come together and let their feelings on the world be known. Most of this exploration came in the form of music. So it’s only natural that San Francisco is looking to celebrate its historical and cultural importance with a large variety of events around the city this year. Here’s some information on the places you need to be out and about this summer. Read the rest »

2017 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival

Whether you are a car collector, car enthusiast, or a fan of car racing, the 2017 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival will fulfill your desire to gape at beautiful vehicles in beautiful surroundings.  Hosted from June1st to June 4th, the 2017 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival is the latest addition to a popular event that takes place yearly at the Sonoma Raceway. Read the rest »

35th Annual San Francisco Jazz Festival

There are few musical styles that can be as convincingly claimed as “American” than jazz. Born out of the joie de vivre of the post-war attitude found in many American cities after WWI and combined with the compelling passion of musical styles like gospel and blues, jazz weathered the storm and scandal of its infancy (when it was seen as immoral and sinful) and is now considered one of the most illustrious and dignified styles of musical expressions available to musicians. If you love jazz, if you like jazz, or even if you don’t, you will want to know about the 35th Annual San Francisco Jazz Festival happening over the course of two weeks in Hayes Valley, only a short hop from downtown San Francisco. Read the rest »

Petaluma Music Tour

Big things sometimes come in small packages. Petaluma California is only an hour north from San Francisco, but from a lifestyle standpoint, it can seem light years away. The town has been cast multiple times as a sleepy town in multiple classic movies. Perhaps most famous, it was used as the shooting location for George Lucas’ classic ‘American Graffiti’. In fact, the yearly event in the town is Butter and Egg Days Parade. Not quite the thing that your average Silicon Valley developer might find interesting on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a town of rich agricultural heritage and pride. For most city dwellers, it is a town that you pass through on your way to tour a winery. Read the rest »

BottleRock Music Festival

Napa Valley is known world-wide for its breathtaking beauty and for its fondness for the grape. Wine and song are certainly important to the area. That’s why, the BottleRock Festival will have it’s 5th annual incarnation this year. The festival runs from May 26-28 2017. You can view the lineups and the packages here. It promises a lot to offer for music fans of any stripe. Rock and pop fans will get their fill from big name acts like Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, and Maroon 5. Rap artists include rap legends The Roots, Warren G, and House Of Pain. The line up is vast and varied, but don’t think that music is the only draw the festival provides. Read the rest »

Memorial Day Weekend in San Francisco

What better way to spend the long holiday weekend – and the official kick off to summer – than with a trip to San Francisco. San Francisco is home to one of the country’s largest and longest running Memorial Day traditions. Every year on Memorial Day starting at 10:30 AM, members of the military, family and friends gather at the National Cemetery in Presidio to honor those who have died for our country. Open to the public, the service last until 1:30 PM. While at the National Cemetery, be sure to check out some of the other attractions, including two World War II era boats that now serve as floating museums. A trip to Fort Point National Historic Site is also worth the trip. Read the rest »

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