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After the emergency is over, after we are safely located within the hospital and receiving the preliminary care that we need, where does our mind go? For many of us, it goes to the question of, “what now?” While this question contains a fair amount of ambiguity and can relate to any number of things, one of its main subsections is fairly immediate: “How do I get out of here?”

Although it is true that many people are able to have a friend or a member of their family come and transport them from hospital to home, it is often the case that numerous factors prevent this from being an option. One of the most common occurrences is that people find themselves needing to be transported over long distances, something that is difficult for friends or family to accomplish, and something that becomes impossible if the person needing transport possess any specific medical needs.

In these cases, the options are limited. Public transport possess little or no assistance for those with medical needs, and taxis are much the same way. Ambulances are better, but, as anyone who has spent any amount of time in one can tell you, they are extremely expensive. What then is left?

For those in the Bay Area, help is not nearly as far away as you might think. NLS, a true legend in the limousine and event transportation business, also offers Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), including for those looking for transportation that covers long distances. While you might be familiar with NLS as a go-to for traveling to and from sporting events, concerts, movies, and festivals, you might be more surprised to learn that they are also steadily becoming the one of the top names in NEMT transportation.

The secret (it’s not really a secret) lies within our many years of experience, our well-trained and attentive drivers, and our steadfastness behind the wheel. Put simply, we know exactly what we are doing and we are good at it. And this is the sort of confidence that you want when traveling long distances either to or from medical care.

Whether you are headed home, to another facility, or somewhere else, our drivers know the way. When they arrive to pick you up, they will be fully briefed on all of your specific medical needs, making it so that all you need to do is let them take care of you.

Truly, for NEMT services that cover long distances, the NLS ambulance services are top of the line.

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