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Emergencies and serious accidents seldom let us know before they happen. They strike out of the blue, leaving us vulnerable and disoriented. In the moments afterwards, we make snap decisions: call 9-1-1; get medical help as soon as possible; go to whichever hospital is closest. It is only natural for our minds to funnel our vision down to contain only what is the most necessary. Unfortunately, our insurance doesn’t work the same way.

It is a sad fact that many people know the experience of being transferred to a hospital that is not within their insurance network. Many people also know the experience of waking up in a hospital after an accident, only to find themselves being handed a bill for thousands of dollars. The fact is that our current medical system is not structured with the needs of the sick and/or injured in mind, and because of this medical costs continually reach astronomical levels, especially for those of us without insurance, but even for those of use who have insurance but are forced to go somewhere not covered by this insurance for the initial medical treatment.

In these situations, hospital patients might find themselves wondering, “How do I get out of this place and into a medical facility that is covered by my insurance?” The answer lies in something called NEMT. NEMT stands for non-emergency medical transportation, and it is the exactly the type of service that you want if you are looking to receive transportation from one hospital to another.

Here at NLS, our fleet of professional and attentive drivers hold many years of experience behind the wheel. As a result, they are uniquely equipped to handle NEMT between hospitals, ensuring that you are able to receive the care you need at the cost you expect.

Anyone within the Bay Area looking for a reliable and caring team to handle a non-emergency hospital transfer should consider NLS as their ideal solution. Our many years of providing individuals throughout the Bay Area with efficient, safe, and trustworthy transportation is a history we incorporate into every hospital transfer we conduct, making sure that you experience from the door of one medical facility to the door of another is completely without issue both physically and financially.

If you are looking for a NEMT provider in the Bay Area, call 800-339-8936 or email us today in order to find out more about our drivers, our fleet, and our rates.

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