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When we think of medical transportation, we often think of ambulances and hospitals. But did you know that there is a ground transportation alternative for those who are facing a non-emergency scenario but still need to get to the hospital? NEMT, short for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, is an alternative created for folks who need to visit the doctor but don’t need the lights, sirens, and cost associated with traveling via ambulance.

While many people have the ability to take a taxi, public transport, or have someone to take them to the doctor, there are many more who are unable to take advantage of these options. For this reason, many of us - especially if we are only going in for a routine checkup or some other simple sort of examination - avoid going to the doctor altogether.

Unfortunately, this situation can lead people into dire consequences.

By not visiting the doctor when symptoms first manifest themselves, it is easy (especially for the elderly of those whose immune systems are already compromised), to find oneself in a situation of worsening health, transforming what started off as a benign and treatable issue into one of stunning gravity.

NLS Professionalism in a Medical Transportation Setting

For this reason, NLS, one of the Bay Area’s most-trusted and long-standing transportation services, now offers NEMT assistance for those in need. A cheaper alternative than an ambulance (and one that is covered for Medi-Cal recipients who are unable to take a taxi or use other public transportation services), NEMT services transforms what was initially a logistical and financial hassle into an affordable and comfort-oriented experience.

Our experienced and highly trained drivers will arrive at your doorstep with your medical needs already accounted for. All you need to do is relax and let them assist you into one of our luxurious transportation offerings and your trip to the doctor is already well underway.

Have a service animal or a pet that you need for emotional care? The cabins in our vehicles are designed to hold both you and your furry friend, an option that many other traveling options (such as buses and taxis) simply do not account for.

Never miss a doctors appointment again with NLS as your NEMT specialist.

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