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YBCA Sings the Body Electric with a Stunning New Exhibition

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 18, 2020

One of the true pleasures of the winter months is the chance to spend some quality time inside without the nagging suspicion that you should be out in the warm air, in the sun, doing something spectacular with your body. Although, sometimes one of the most frustrating things about the winter months is the lack of opportunity to be out in the warm air, in the sun, doing something spectacular with your body.

If you’re caught at this paradoxical crossroads, then we have a partial solution! The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, one of the nation’s most spectacular collections of contemporary and modern artworks, is currently engaged in showcasing a new exhibition called The Body Electric.

Over 70 different pieces of art make up The Body Electric, which means that you can spend a long period of time wandering through the museum, looking at the art, and perhaps discovering some new things about your humanity.

Mysterious, no? So what exactly is The Body Electric? It is a gathering together of 50 years of work by an international selection of artists, all of whom have spent large portions of their artistic careers examining the ways that the body and screens have begun to interact. With the advent of televisions, something dramatic shifted within the contemporary consciousness. No longer was reality relegated to what occupied the three dimensional space around us. Now, reality also extended to the two dimensional space of our TV sets. The way this profoundly shifted how we interact with what is real – or even how we define “realness” – paved the way for computers and smartphones.

From this fecund ground, artists from across the globe have been pouring their attention for decades. For The Body Electric exhibition, more than 45 of them have been selected and their works are now on display at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Among the exhibitions are works by Joan Jonas, Nam June air, Sanja Iveković, Pierre Huyghe, Anicka Yi, Sondra Perry, Martine Syms, Marianna Simnett, Andrea Crespo, and Carolyn Lazard. Come now through February 23rd to catch the final days of this stunning exhibition.

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