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Winter Adventures in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 31, 2014

Not many people truly enjoy winter. In fact, if given the option, many would erase winter altogether from the seasonal cycle and be happy with just the remaining three. Unfortunately, this is not an option. So, you can either spend a good four months being unhappy and cold, or you can embrace the fact that the cold is here to stay — at least for a little while — and check out some of the wintery escapades the Bay Area has to offer.

San Francisco is a veritable mecca of winter activities for the young and old alike, and just because there are only 10 hours of sunlight doesn’t mean that you have to wear the blues. The following are just some of the magnificent cold-weather options for those looking for a winter San Francisco adventure.

Ice Skating at Yerba Buena Gardens

Since this is on offer all year round it isn’t exactly a winter-specific jaunt, but there’s just something undeniably fulfilling about lacing up with those thin metal blades and gliding across the ground when the weather is cold. At Yerba Buena Gardens, you can watch figure skaters work on their art, hockey players practice their slap shots, or you can rent a pair of skates and join in yourself. If you get bored on the ice, there gardens have plenty more to offer, including a bowling alley, a performing arts center, and, of course, plenty of gardens.

Whale Watching at Point Reyes

Since the classic San Francisco fog rolls away with the warmer weather, watching for grey hales suddenly becomes a viable and unforgettable option. You might need a thick coat and some hiking shoes, but the trek out to the Lighthouse and Chimney Rock near Point Reyes is well worth it for the stunning views of the Pacific and the monstrous whales swimming therein. This activity is perfect for those looking to get a little exercise in now that jogging has lost its allure.

Climbing the Mission Cliffs

Another great physical experience that may also offer a bit of an adrenaline rush is the indoor climbing park at Mission Cliffs. The climbing center contains walls for total beginners as well as the seasoned climber, and with the added bonus of a steam room to ease your stiff muscles after an ascent, the cliffs add a welcome splash of color to the grey drudgery of the winter season.

Kabuki Springs and Spa

Speaking of saunas, if you’re interested in cutting out all that rock climbing but retaining the steam room, check out the Kabuki Springs and Spa for some unparalleled luxury and relaxation. This traditional Japanese public bath contains—alongside the steam room—a dry sauna, a hot pool, and a cold pool. They also offer free sea salts, tea, and cool cloths for your face. Before heading over, check their website for details on the bathing schedule (certain days are women only, certain days are men only, and certain days are coed).

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