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The Haunted Chambers Mansion Tour

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 28, 2014

The Chambers Mansion was originally built in 1887 by Richard Craig Chambers, who had made millions in the Utah silver industry before migrating to San Francisco. Some say that Mr. Chambers had ghostly visits from dead family members, who helped guide him in business, industry, and even how to design the house. Without their guidance, they say he wouldn’t have been successful.

Chambers shared the mansion with his two nieces, who helped him conduct séances with dead family members, specifically the dead mother and father of the girls. These nieces also liked to practice witchcraft (some people say), and they even dabbled in voodoo and other dark magic. The house is said to have been filled with strange ghosts and beings that were called upon by the girls and Chambers himself.

Today they say the same spirits still fill the halls of the mansion. Some people say that the spirits appeared after Chambers died in 1901, but others say that it was the nieces who brought these specters to the home prior to Chambers dying. Either way, witnesses continue to say the halls and rooms of this mansion are home to a collection of strange ghosts and demons.

The nieces continued to live in the home after Chambers died, and supposedly did some magic to keep him in the house forever. They let his corpse lie in the casket in the home and get cold, prior to going into the ground. According to folklore and magic, this makes the spirit stay in the home forever, bound to the property. Chambers was obviously not happy about this, and therefore haunted his nieces mercilessly.

As adults, one sister moved away while the other stayed in the home. She met a mysterious fate. Some say she was cut in half by a farm implement, while others say she was murdered by a family member, or possibly the ghost of Chambers himself.

The Mansion Hotel opened in 1977, and hosted many celebrities including Robert De Niro and the late Robin Williams. Many guests say they have seen strange things or heard weird noises. Tours are offered by Jim Fassbinder, who conducts haunted Ghost Tours throughout the Bay Area.

Chambers Mansion is located at 2220 Sacramento Street right between Buchanan and Laguna.

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