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The Color of Pride: Annual Celebration Returns to San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 28, 2019

For long-time residents of San Francisco, there’s no question that the summer is always a hotly anticipated time, and it’s not just the sun and the cloudless skies (although these certainly don’t hurt). Instead, it is the wealth of festivals, street fairs, parades, and cultural celebrations that seemingly burst from every corner of the city. One of the most exciting and famous of these festivals takes place during the last weekend of June, and instead of being relegated to just one street or neighborhood it takes over the entire city, draping the metropolitan area in a festive rainbow-colored glow.

We are speaking here of Pride, and while Pride is not unique to San Francisco, the City by the Bay is known for having the single largest celebration in the entire country. Essentially, if you find yourself inside of San Francisco during the last week of June you will also find yourself participating in Pride, whether or not you knew it was going to happen.

Taking place over two full days, the Pride event in San Francisco is organized by the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Celebration Committee. This group, which works throughout the year to arrange this event, ensures that each time it rolls around, it is one of the most thrilling and exciting events of the season. This year will be no exception, and the announced theme, Generations of Resistance, promises to take pride into an even more overtly political direction than normal.

Pride in San Francisco culminates in a large parade that cuts down Market Street. Within this parade will be, of course, floats, but it’s what is on the floats that makes it so thrilling. While we don’t know everything that will come down Market Street during the parade, we do know that the 400+ strong group Dykes on Bikes will be revving the engines on their motorcycles and that they will be joined by such deliciously costumed individuals that you will not be able – or want – to look away.

As well as the parade, the Pride Celebration, which officially takes place at Civic Center Plaza, will feature countless other entertainment, booths, food items, and other such marvels.

This event will run from June 29th until June 30th. It is technically free, but there is a suggested donation of $5 per person.

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