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Swimsuit Required: The 2019 Polar Bear Skate at Union Square

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 13, 2018

It is no secret that San Francisco and the Bay Area are not the top destination for those looking to get their snow fix for the winter. We are a more temperate zone, which makes for some wonderful outdoor opportunities throughout the year, but it does mean that those who enjoy feeling the nip of frost on their toes are usually out of luck.

If you, like some of us here at NLS Limo, hail from chillier climates, and if you find yourself missing the frigid temperatures of Minnesota or Maine, then the Safeway Holiday Ice Rink located within Union Square is holding an event tailor made for you.

We all know about the polar plunge, but what is to be done when the waters of the bay never even get close to those arctic temperatures? The Safeway Holiday Ice Rink has landed on a partial solution, and on January 1st, you and as many brave companions as you can muster are invited to join in the Bay Area version of the polar plunge: the 2019 Polar Bear Skate!

As you can probably imagine, this event will see you and the others with enough courage and thick skin to participate dressed in your finest swimming attire. Bikinis, speedos, board shorts, two-piece bandeaus, tankinis, and everything in between will be the only bits of fabric clothing you and the other skaters as you make your way around and around the freezing ice rink. As an added incentive, judges will be on hand to hand out prizes to those skaters who dress themselves in the most inventive and creative of ways according to certain themes that will be announced at the event location itself.


Tickets are available for purchase ahead of time, and a limited number of additional tickets will be available for purchase at the venue on the day of the Polar Bear Skate. The box office opens bright and early at 9:45 in the morning, so be sure to keep a cup of coffee handy as you roll out of bed and dust off the remnants of the old year still clinging to your rumpled jacket and pants.

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